Contentment – Key To Happiness

Ritanjali Hastir, Keekli Reporter, February, 2014, Shimla

In current times people’s apathy towards one another has become a source of suffering. Children of winter theater workshop tried to convey the same message to the audience through their cute performances.    


A play Ek Kurta Sukh Bhara was staged at the historic Gaiety Theater by the young talented school children on 1st February, 2014. While informing about the event Director LAC Arun Sharma said, “It is our annual workshop where children get an opportunity to polish their talent. During winters children have ample free time and it is best to utilize their energies in positive development. The Department organizes painting, theatrical, classical and western dance workshops at Gaiety where children can select as per their interest. Our effort is to provide and encourage new talent”.

The play was directed by Dyal Prasad and through it he tried to convey the message that coordination and patience are two virtues that are source of happiness and prosperity.

The story depicted a young fairy that cannot fly. Two fairies from Fairly Land, disguised as gentlemen are sent on Earth to find a kurta of some contented man as a remedy. They reach the court of the king in their quest and eventually realize that every single person on Earth including courtiers as well as common man were not satisfied. In the end they find one flutist who is contented and agrees to give them his kurta. Everyone waited eagerly in court next day to meet this contented man only to learn that his kurta was totally torn.

All the participating children shared their excitement and said that it was a wonderful experience for them all. They made new friends and along with it conquered their stage fright. All of them felt more confident and now looked forward to school level competitions too so that they could showcase and share their new polished skills among rest of their school mates.

While sharing her thoughts about the workshop, Saroj Chauhan, one of the parents said, “It was a wonderful experience. It has been two years since my daughter is playing the main fairy character and has been taking part in this workshop. I am glad that the Department took such an initiative where students can stay away from the idiot box and computer games. I am glad that I always make my daughter participate in such workshops”.

Whereas Munish Kumar, one of the spectators while sharing his views on the play said, “Children are always wonderful and I think that they need to be encouraged. I loved the whole act and found it very cute. All little ones did a great job”.

In the play nearly 37 children showcased their talent. Vaishnavi, Sushani, Radha, Pari, Arshia, Vanshika, Soumya, Ishika,Suhani, Latika, Urvashi, Priyanka, Abhivibha, Aastha, Ritika and Sagrika played the role of fairies. Where as Johney and Arjun played gentlemen; Kushagar – King; Swastik – foreign minister; Abhimanyu – minister and Prateek as muniem.

Abhay, Rishav Vardaan, Shreyas, Tanish, Paarth, Ansh, Dhruv, Manu, Shubham, Ritvik, Manohar Lal, Ashish, Mohit, Anukool and Siddhant played roles of praja and sanik.

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