We would like to congratulate you all on your amazing story submissions and hope that this new adventure we have begun will take us miles further. Usually your winnings have been a certificate, gifts or cash awards, but this first step towards becoming a published author will be the best reward you can receive and it is our way of giving you a national level platform. We have received over 130 plus stories from all over – Himachal, New Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, Kerala, Kolkata among others – in Hindi and English as per age categories shared. A word of appreciation for our sponsors, who believe in our cause and hard work.

The Anthology of Short Stories that will be finally published with your photos and names, something KEEKLI is passionate about. We truly believe in the maxim, “By The Children, For The Children” and this Short Stories Book will the essence of that. Only the Best Top Stories will be selected by our Judges for Publication.

We are sure you are eager to know about the results and the next step. The Keekli Story Writing Competition is being held in 3 Phases: i) The Submission of Stories; ii) The Judging Process; iii) The Final Results along with mentoring of the participants and the editing process.

Phase One: Completed

Phase Two: The stories are being sorted and collated for the judges. The Final Result will be announced on 30th June.

Phase Three: The winning participants will be mentored by our judges and patrons through Zoom Sessions on weekends. Children will receive inputs and suggestions on how to further improve upon their stories and finally the editorial process will take place.

The stories will be judged on Three Main Criteria

  1. Vocabulary: Under this, a story will be scanned for use of language and flow. The ease of understanding on the part of the reader will be considered. Along with it, grammar and sentence construction will also be looked upon.
  2. Creativity: Under this section, we will consider the fresh approach of a child as per how well s/he has put forward their ideas. The presentation of their work will be judged as per how well they have presented their idea in a unique and novel manner.
  3. Idea: The concept and theme of the story will be judged. How well the plot of a story is developed keeping in mind “Unity of Action, Time and Space”. Apart from it, story’s narrative technique will also be considered.


  1. We have created a Temporary Whatsapp Group for sharing important information only.
  2. Only the Admins will call you directly, if any information is required. Kindly do not share any personal information to people who call on the pretext saying they are from KEEKLI.
  3. The Judges will have the Final Call about the selection process, who are independent of the Keekli team members.
  4. There are still few children who have not submitted their Whatsapp Numbers, though it is optional, it helps in easy dissemination of information.
  5. All the participants will receive Appreciation Certificates. We will share the link soon from where Digital Certificates may be downloaded.

If you have any specific queries, only then contact us. You may follow all the updates on our website –


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