Annual Sports Day held at Auckland House School for Middle Section

A1Ashima Sharma, Keekli Reporter, 11th September, 2014, Shimla

Auckland House Girls Middle Section celebrated its Annual Sports Day here today, as chief guest Yasmin Farhat, a senior (Ex) Faculty Member, raised the spirits of one and all and added much charm to the occasion. Parents were seen reaching the school in large numbers to encourage their wards as well as other contestants who stood in the field with dreams in their eyes and fire in their bellies. The event formally commenced with a March Past by all the four houses — Lefroy, Durrant, French  and Matthew.

Watching the students March ahead in perfect synchronization was a treat for the eyes. This was followed by Yoga exercises by the girls from Classes 3rd and 4th. Next was a cultural bonanza comprising of drills and display by the girls of Classes 5 and 6. Eye popping Karate skills were also displayed by the girls under the guidance of their teacher.

The sporting events began with obstacle race, followed by baton relay, one legged race, skipping race and skating by the students where participants exhibited great amount of zeal and courage to race to the finish line.

After completion of the athletic events, proud winners were honored by the chief guest with medals and certificates. The winners of different sporting events were:

Soft Ball (Group C): 1st – Samriti Kaith (Lefroy); 2nd – Heena Thakur; 3rd – Cheena Sharma.

Soft Ball (Group D): 1st – Soshimla (Matthew); 2nd – Shourya Chauhan; 3 – Gunjan Verma (French).

100 mtrs (Group C): 1st – Navya Tegta (Matthew); 2nd – Tashi Lamo (Lefroy); 3rd – Heena Thakur (French).

100 mtrs (Group D): 1st – Soshimla (Matthew); 2nd – Vernika Thakur (French); 3rd – Kanyanat Karchanakas (Durrant).

Obstacle Race: 1st – Tanvi Thakur (Durrant); 2nd – Nupur Negi (French); 3 – Tashi Lamo (Lefroy).

Baton Relay: 1st – Onavya Mogta (French House); 2nd – Shreya Rawat (Lefroy); 3rd – Soshimla (Matthew).

50 mtrs Hopping (Group C): 1st – Gurnoor Kaur Simbi (Lefory); 2nd –  Navya Tegta (Mathew); 3rd – Gurdeep Kaur (Durrant).

50 mtrs Hopping (Group D): 1st – Soshimla (Mathew); 2nd – Mahima Manish (Mathew); 3rd Kendra Pathania (Lefroy).

50 mtrs Skipping (Group C): 1st – Nupur Negi (French); 2nd – Gurdeep Kaur (Durrant); 3rd -Vasvi Chauhan (Lefroy).

50 mtrs Sack Race: 1st – Soshimla (Mathew); 2nd – Devanshi Verma (Lefory); 3rd – Vernika Thakur (French).

One Legged Relay: 1st – Nupur Negi (French); 2nd – Momoko Chaya; 3rd – Navya Tegta (Matthew).

One Legged Relay: 1st – Soshimla (Matthew); 2nd – Shreya Rawat (Lefroy); 3rd – Tammana Bhardwaj (Durrant).

Skipping Relay: 1st – Onavya Mogta (French); 2nd – Vasvi Chauhahn (Lefroy); 3rd – Navya Tegta (Matthew).

Staking (Form 3): 1st – Seerat Kaur (Matthew); 2nd – Mannat Kaur (Durrant); 3rd – Mannat Dhani (Durrant).

Skating (Form 5): 1st – Momoko Chaya (Matthew); 2nd –  Soshimla; 3rd – Anusha Thakur (Matthew).

Skating (Form 6): 1st – Mahima Narayan (French); 2nd – Navya Johal (Durrant); 3rd – Parnaaz Kaur (Matthew).

The marching cup was lifted by Matthew House and overall positions for the house were as follows — 1st French, 2nd Lefroy, 3rd Matthew, and 4th Durrant.

The chief guest indulged in an enjoyable recollection of past events and remembered her old days she spent in Auckland House as a teacher and said, “I have spent 26 years as a teacher in this school and it is a great pleasure and honor to be part of this event as a chief guest. I have some lovely memories attached to the school. I wish all the best to all the students who have given an outstanding performance today”.

The event formally ended with the speech by the School Principal Sunita John, “I would like to congratulate all my students who have participated in this event. I would also like to congratulate the winners and all the participant, as it is not about wining or losing, participation is a must and in the end what matters most is how well you play the game which I sincerely believe should be played fair. All my students have shown good sportsmanship and that makes me very proud”.
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