Sonia Dogra, an English teacher by profession. She enjoys putting her thoughts on paper and freelances and blogs for various sites. Since teaching has helped her connect with children, she cites writing for them as an invaluable and thrilling experience.

Here are few of her best columns linked to her Quills…

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The King’s Motley Curtains

Not very long ago, there lived a King in the North of the Indian subcontinent. He was a great reader, a great acquirer of knowledge. He had a personal library and would often import books from China and the Middle East and Russia, to add to his collection. He would also quote great writers and their work and offer his minister’s a virtual tour of the world during his court proceedings.

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Just Being Honest

It was the beginning of a new session in school. Ms Abhilasha gathered her music notes, the ones that she had been using for nth years on end. Today was going to be the first class with III A. Her drill was set. She would write the lyrics on the board and ask the girls to copy them in their note-books. Thereafter, she would ask them to sing each line after her. They would repeat the song a couple of times and then…

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I read W.H. Davies in school.

‘What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.’

The poet, I thought, was clearly pointing out how vile and useless my life was because I had practically no time to ‘do nothing’! Who else, otherwise, would stand and just stare? How lucky, he told me, were the cows who could go on gazing into nothingness, and yet, yes…exist. Finally, right in the end he said in so many words, what I had been dreading the most:

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‘Hair’ Today, Gone Tomorrow!

This piece is a cheerful take on some chronic disorders. It is not meant to belittle struggles of those who choose to fight. It is simply meant to manifest a positive approach in dealing with certain ailments.

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