Let Go Old Ghosts

Ravina Thakur, Class XII, Hainault Public School, Shimla

Things go better, let go old ghosts;
New things come when we don’t try to restore what we have lost; &
That is how we take rebirth from dead;
I don’t know death but the ghosts I’ve met are unsatisfied souls in the crowd they’re left.

Why we’re so restless;
So tired of trying to get things that don’t exist anymore;
We’re afraid to lose, afraid to fight;
But with faith & trust let’s break the doors.

When you’ll learn to walk forward with no past sights;
That’ll be the time you’ll enjoy the path and you’ll never search a place to hide;
So things will go better as you’ve left old ghosts;
New things come better than the ones we’ve lost.


My Blue

Ravina Thakur, Class XII, Hainault Public School, Shimla

I run on the drops of rain and opening my arms towards the sky;
Are we friends or reflection that I love to see you high.

Let’s make a pact when you’ll shed tears from your eyes;
I’d catch them in mine and let them cry.

When you’ll be clear, you’ll show the rainbow;
So I get a hint of my ending sorrows.

So many poems, so many thoughts I wrote for you;
The more I describe the more you move.

It is the only thing I love about you;
You cry, you smile sometimes, dry and fragile;
But still you are there with me, my blue… .


White Stag

Ravina Thakur, Class XII, Hainault Public School, Shimla

On the soft sheet of white;
A cool breeze passing through;
A strange unknown valley;
Is where you’ll find the truth.

I can feel the living hearts of all;
Here animals speak and heal the fall;
There is no rush, there is no lag;
All I see is a wonderful wrapped beauty of white stag.

Mercy strengthens inner soul;
These creatures remake the dead;
A one drop of purity;
Rearrange the puzzles in our head.

I can feel the giving hearts of all;
Here innocence speaks and heal the fall;
Only blush and vanished cracks;
Falling snow and my white stag… .





Ravina Thakur, Class XII, Hainault Public School, Shimla

The night lighted with the stars and moon is on eclipse,
Sky falls down, sea goes up and erased the horizon with their kiss,
A girl walking on the sea leaves her footprints on the waves,
She dances so hard that the waves rise up and can’t resist seeing her face,
Here goes the night of twilight where everything breathes the air of unusual,
And here is the girl with pearls in her bleeding hands,
She sacrificed to spell the bright on a dull night.



Nayan Jyot Singh, Class IV, Hainault Public School, Shimla

I love my mom,
I love my dad.
I love everyone around me,
And everyone around me loves me,

I seldom get angry with anybody,
But sometimes, I do get angry with somebody,
Can you guess? Oh!
Can you guess?

With whom I do get angry?
I know you can’t,
I know she can’t,
I know he can’t,
Nobody can.

But I can tell you, that,
That somebody is ‘myself’ as,
I love myself, more than anybody, because
I love my dreams,
And my dreams love me.

And that is why,
I love my mom,
I love my dad.
And above all,
I Love “All Mighty” and
All Mighty Loves me too.


Shooting Stars

Ravina Thakur, Class XII, Hainault Public School, Shimla

Hey Sky what is the reason,
Why you are so dark, and hiding yourself,
What are you planning for the next day,
Are you going to be calm or going for the fight?

My eyes are stuck on you,
You are so beautiful, wide and far,
The constellation is not so good today,
You are angry and here are falling my Shooting Stars.

Make a wish on a fall,
I find this strange as how it will go back to the wishing jar,
The talk ends and as I am watching you,
I see another Shooting Star….




Down the Memory Lane

Smriti Sood, Class X, Loreto Convent Tara Hall, Shimla

From innocent childhood,
To our naughty teenage,
We learnt in Loreto is,
Honesty, affection and brotherhood.

Twelve years went by,
And now it is time to say goodbye,
Loreto is my home,
And teachers are the wind beneath our wings,

The first day I came here, I never wanted to come,
And now when I have to leave, I don’t want to leave,
All I want to say is that I am proud to be a Loretoite,
And I am in deep love with my school.


I’d Rather

Ravina Thakur, Class XII, Hainault Public School, Shimla

I’d rather find the dead ones in fog,
Than meeting the alive zombies of this world,
Everything is normal until you twist your sight,
And see how bright things can get so dull.

I’d rather see far in the woods where birdies do the magic spells,
Than seeing the corpse walking on the roads and they act like stones in shells,
I’d rather watch those witches and wizards who live fully for what they do,
Than watching ourselves doing something all the time but forget the truth that we live too…


Principles of Life

Swastika Chandel, Class X, Loreto Convent Tara Hall, Shimla

Take time to work,
It is the price of success.

Take time to read,
It is the source of wisdom.

Take time to play,
It is the secret of youth.

Take time to dream,
It is the way to the Moon.

Take time to be good,
It is the road to goodness.

Take time to love,
It is the privilege of God.

Take time to serve,
It is the mission of life!!!




Always and Forever

Smriti Sood, Class X, Loreto Convent Tara Hall, Shimla

You came in my life,
And gave me a meaning to live,
You turned my life around.

On the seashore where we built our castle,
I am still standing there,
Waiting for you to come,
The waves took you and the castle away from me,
And I am left alone,
My eyes are thirsty for your glimpse.

I thought that you would come and never go,
But months have passed,
And I am still waiting for you,
I am your always and forever.

Now on the seashore I am here with another castle,
And this time I want the waves to take me with them,
Cause you are never going to come,
And this time I will come,
Cause you never returned to me.


My Mom

Shubhangi Sharma, Class XI, Doon Valley Public School, Nalagarh

You are the sunlight in my day,
You are the moon I see far away,
You are the tree I lean upon,
You are the one that makes my trouble be gone,
You are the one, who taught me life,
How not to fight, and what is right,
You are the words in my songs,
You are my love, my life, my mom,
You are the one, who cares for me,
You are the eyes that help me see,
You are the one, who knows me best,
When it’s time to have fun and time to rest,
You are the one, who has helped me dream,
You hear my heart, you hear my screams,
Afraid of life but looking for love,
I am blessed for god sent you from above,
You are the greatest friend I know,
You are the words in my song,
You are my love, my life, my MOM!!!


A to Z of Success

Mrinal, Class VIII, Doon Valley Public School, Nalagarh

A good student must,
Bring pride to the teacher,
Catch lessons easily,
Do the homework, be
Eager to learn new subjects and be,
Friendly with school mates, be
Grateful to teacher, be pure in
Heart, proud to be
Indian, be
Jealous in students, have
Keen interest in sports,
Learn each and every word,
Memory is important,
Never do evil to others,
Obey the teachers and elders,
Play in the evening,
Question ones knowledge,
Ready every day,
Study all the pages,
Try to do the best, makes
Unity part of life, No
Watch ones behaviour,
X-ray ones’ thoughts,
Young memories are evergreen, be
Zealous to reach the Everest.




Life is a Joke

Phalguni Kaushik, Class X, Doon Valley Public School, Nalagarh

Life is comedy,
When you laugh at others.

Life is a tragedy,
When others laugh at you.

Life is a melody,
When others feel happy about you.


Dancing on Blades

Ravina Thakur, Class XII, Hainault Public School, Shimla

I fear the sun is just drowning,
It’s like the whole sky’s gonna fade,
I’m near the place that gets me frowning,
I’m numb and my feet are dancing on the blades.

There’s lot of rush in my mind and I couldn’t see,
And feel what I’m about to take,
The fire that heats up the air I’m breathing.
I’m burned and my smiles have turned in to fake.

The stars are not the same anymore,
They are black same as the dark cold night,
The souls that reached the last step of the door,
Have gone back to the ground to fight.


Believe In Yourself

Tumul Prakash, Class VII, Doon Valley Public School, Nalagarh

If you think you are beaten, you are,
If you think you dare not, you don’t,
If you like to win, but think you can’t,
It’s almost a cinch you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost,
For out in the world we find,
Success begins with a fellow’s will,
It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are,
You’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before,
You can ever win a prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go,
To the stronger or faster man,
But sooner or later the man who wins,




Beauty of Today

Tanvi Sood, Courtesy, Sood Sabha Shimla

Look well to this day,
For it and it alone is life.
In its brief course,
Live all the essence of your existence!!
The glory of growth,
The satisfaction of achievements,
The splendor of beauty!!
For yesterday is but a dream,
And tomorrow is but a vision of hope!!
May your spirit soar through the vast cathedral of life,
May your mind ride joyful cartwheels’ of creativity!!
May your heart sing sweet lullabies of timelessness,
Live the magical epic of your wonderland!!!



Mridul Sood, Courtesy, Sood Sabha Shimla

When exams are near,
They cause great fear,
Because things aren’t clear,
And some subject aren’t dear,
Chapters and chapters, haven’t been read,
Problems and problems go above the head.

Some forget the points.
Some commit mistakes,
Others make silly drawings,
Forgetting everything, some open their chits,
For some paper was very easy,
While for others it made them dizzy,
For some, luck comes by,
For some, luck says “u” re flying right.

So friends just chill,
Write at your will,



Trained Demons

Ravina Thakur, Class XII, Hainault Public School, Shimla

Today I realized some facts about humans,
Half of us are untrained birdies,
And most of us are trained demons.

When your shadows can also betray you,
What are you expecting from the person standing by your side?
Everyday the chapters got new,
How you’ll figure out the bad when they’re so good at hiding.

Today I analyze some sides of humans,
Half of us are innocent souls,
And most of us are souls of demons.




Blind with Perfect Eyes

Ravina Thakur, Class XII, Hainault Public School, Shimla

My head busted out with the loudness of my long silence,
I’m scared of getting words in my mouth,
Cause’ then I’ll be losing all my senses.

Freezing with the cold of crowd,
I’m worried how to run,
Every day I wake up in reality,
And regret for the tasks undone.

Roads and streets are swallowing my sight,
And now I’m blind with my perfect eyes.

My hands stopped working,
Like their glued up with my drenches,
I’m finding all the strength to get up and shout,
Cause now I have lost all my senses…


Life’s Balance Sheet

Ayushi Sood, Courtesy, Sood Sabha Shimla

Our birth is our opening balance!
Our end is our closing balance!
Our prejudiced views are our liabilities!
Our creative ideas are our assets!
Heart is our current asset!
Soul is our fixed deposit!
Thinking is our current account!
Achievements are our capital!
Character and moral our stock in trade!
Friends are our general reserves!
Value and behavior are our goodwill!
Patience is our interest earned!
Love is our dividend!
Education is patents!
Knowledge is our investment,
Experience is our premium account,
The goal is to get the best…presented,
Account award.


Pearls of Wisdom

Sakshi Sood, Courtesy Sood Sabha Shimla

A drop of ink can make millions think.
Try not to become a man of success, rather try to become a man of value.
Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.
One who is accompanied by noble thoughts is never alone.
Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.
The best way to predict the future is to create it.
You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose right of share.
Failures are pathways to attainments.
A bend is road, is not the end of the roads unless you fail to make a turn.




Life’s Truth

Deeksha, Class XI, Doon Valley Public School, Nalagarh

Nature is all green,
People are very mean,
They all wanna be together,
So, that they can be one forever,
But when the time comes of unity,
They all want to leave the community,
People want to be first always,
And want to do things beyond ways.

All boys want to shoot the girls up,
Because on the hairs girls start making puff,
Boys want to crush the girls,
Thinking this they start to blush like pearls,
This is what goes in our life.

And after this our future becomes bright,
Our life just goes on like this,
According to me it can never fix,
I wonder who has decided this to happen,
These days there are all new weapons.

Life is a huge story,
Which seems like a secret query,
After this the death comes,
Which is same as Math sums (difficult to understand),
At last the story ends,
Somewhat like real trends (different from others).


Winner Versus Loser

Harpreet, Class X, Doon Valley Public School, Nalagarh

A winner always has plan but,
A loser always has an excuse.

A winner is part of an answer but,
A loser is part of a problem.

A winner says, “Let me do it for you,” but,
A loser says, “Thats not my job”.

A winner see an answer in every problem but,
A loser sees a problem in every answer.

A winner says it may be difficult but possible but,
A loser says that it may be possible but difficult.

And that’s how a winner is different from others…


Father Can I !!!

Ravina Thakur, Class XII,
Hainault Public School, Shimla

Father can I hold your finger while walking,
Can I tell you my unreal adventure stories.

Hide my face in your jacket when I’m cold,
And swing me in your arms with no worries.

I’ll repeat your words and you’ll laugh on my acting,
I’ll be counting 1, 2, 4 and you’ll hear my rubbish talking.

I’ll be lying on the sofa and pretending that I’m sleeping,
You know I’m awake but you’ll pick me like a baby.

Everyone says I’m no more a kid and turned in to a grown up girl,
Only your face makes me feel I’m a tiny doll like your precious




Kid in Tears

Ravina Thakur, Class XII, Hainault Public School, Shimla

The weirdest thing in the world I saw,
Was the kid in tears for the death she crawls;
I might not say this but what’s the choice,
They hurt us so badly every cry bleeds voice;
At the shore of sea, she dip her face in water,
What bad air she breathes being a little daughter;
You ruined her pure innocent smiles.

Someday she’ll be gone, you’ll be dead and fragile,
Her existence is why the world is still on foot;
The day shall leave, steal all melodies played on life’s flute,
The tragedy is, when all the strong knees fall,
I saw the kid in tears for the life she crawls…


Euthanasia (Happy Death)

Ravina Thakur, Class XII,
Hainault Public School, Shimla

The clouds are touching the tips of mountains,
Stealing the evils from the ground of blood,
Spirits in fog espy the world,
Where euthanasia is gifted in the holy mud.

The cries of grief,
All those souls in thorn,
God will help them,
And relieve their mourn..


No Sleep in My Eyes

Ravina Thakur, Class XII,
Hainault Public School, Shimla

It’s kinda funny the night is begging me to stop staring,
It’s like the sky is so deep,
Like the cold moon is flaming.

I’m trying my best to shut my thoughts,
And saying “Mind rest now please goodbye!”
In return it turns the flashback on,
And I’m left with no sleep in my eyes.




Murk Galaxy

Ravina Thakur, Class XII, Hainault Public School, Shimla

In the night of the rumble sky a phantom named Harry,
Came to greet the dark,
It was the first time keeping the evil mind aside,
He chose the serene beauty of heart.

He saw a girl near the broken bridge,
She was same like him just an airy mist of soul,
The whirls in water were the only distance between them,
Or may be more is that all?

He fell in love and suddenly felt the ground beneath his feet,
The girl was just his separated part,
He finally found her on the shore they meet,

Voices told them the time has to come to be free and unbroken too,
They hold their hands as the sky announced,
‘Murk galaxy is calling you’…


She’ll Write Her Story

Ravina Thakur, Class XII,
Hainault Public School, Shimla

Thousands of voices were gabbling in her mind,
She was so pensive travelling her unknown path,
She didn’t regret the time she left behind,
Her soul was languishing in unpleasant darkness,
Reality lashed her imaginative world,
But still praising the powers of sky!
She keeps on moving to fight the deadly whirl,
Finally she slowed down and desisted her journey to miseries,
The sea erases her life written on sand,
But with her new birth she’ll write her story once again.


Regrets and Hate

Ravina Thakur, Class XII,
Hainault Public School, Shimla

The sky is numb with cold dull sun
When I look around its only one
Failures evil wrapped me up
Regrets and hate born from love.

I can’t be what I used to be
The mirror killed her where is she?
I don’t know where to go from here
I’m alone on way with the dead nightmares.

Help me out or bereave me please
The innocence bleeds in thorny breeze.

The sky is numb with cold dull sun
I looked around its only one
Failures evil wrapped me up
Regrets and hate born from love

The sound of silence hurts my ears
My stolen peace I’ve searched from years
The wicked air holds me & I can’t run
A voice of scream left the none.

Why failures evil raised dark up
Regrets and hate and there’s no love!!!




The Earth

Kartik Garg, Class 7,
Doon Valley Public School, Nalagarh 

Our beautiful earth,
Give many plants and animals birth,
It is blue and green,
Where we can fulfill our dreams.

The plateau, the plain,
Here also comes the rain,
The greenery in the grasslands
The crops in the farmland.

Mountains are cold,
Cannot be sold,
The human beings, animals and plants,
The butterflies, insects and ants,
The earth has many trees,
Where birds build their nests.

And our earth is the best,
Our earth is turning bad,
Because its condition is bad,
Also, because of the
Polluted air and water.

So, we should take its care,
The earth is our mother,
Where we live with others!



The Jungle

Kartik Garg, Class 7,
Doon Valley Public School, Nalagarh

A jungle is a treely place,
Where all the animals graze,
The deers and the bears,
All the animals are present here.

A jungle is a tree land,
Can also be made into a farmland,
A jungle has a lake,
Where we can bake a cake!

Only one lion’s roar in the jungle,
Creates a very huge mungle,
The different types of trees,
Make us feel free,

Sometimes, we forget our way,
But we can get it back,
If we try day to day!



My Life

Mamta Thakur, Class 6,
Bluebells Public School, Dhalli

My life is like a busy road
People come in
And people go.

They come to speak
I simply hear
Though they know
I can barely bear

They play with my life
As though it’s a game
One day I won’t be!
One day i won’t be the same

I am torn apart
I can’t be joined
It is going to take time
I won’t just bind

All the wounds
Have left a scar
For them there is no limit
There is no bar
One day they will regret for doing

Then they will wonder
Why did they say so!




India’s Independence

Shubham Sharma, DAV School, New Shimla

Britishers came to India as businessmen,
but like other foreigners, they made India their den.

Then, on India, they gained their power,
They were bad like Thorn, not good as flower.

They hurt Indians and made them cry,
To disobey their orders, Indians never dared to try.

Indian people had many hardships to face,
they were treated more badly, who belonged to lower race.

To their country, Britishers took India’s wealth,
By not giving sufficient food, they made worst, Indians’ health.

To Britain, They took everything from here,
only poverty was remaining everywhere.

Then came, the true patriots of this land,
In front of Britishers fearlessly, they used to stand.

They were sent to jail many a time,
Though they had not committed any crime.

India became free in 1947 because of their efforts,
Because of them only, we are having comforts.

The value of freedom, we must know,
And never ever let this freedom go.



Knocking on the Door of Freedom

Arpit Thakur, DAV School, New Shimla

A moment comes rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new,
India discovered herself again on 15th August, 1947 but only with a few.

For them gaining Independence was not easy,
To put up a long battle for over two centuries was so freezy.

They dreamt of an integrated nation,
To sustain their dreams is our only creation.

Today is a day to pay a mark of respect to our saviours,
Because of whom we are breathing an air of civilized behaviour.

Happy Mother’s Day

Nikhil Kesta, DAV School, New Shimla

Mother gives us birth;
On this beautiful earth;
She teaches us how to walk;
and how to talk;
When we are not able to sleep at night;
She hugs us tight;
She is dear;
As she makes disappear our fears;
Mother is next to godliness;
and thinks about us in loneliness;
Mother is different from others;
As she always teaches good things to me and to my brother!


Judge me only…

Shubhangi Sood, Mount Carmel School,
New Delhi

Flaws are a part of my geometry,
but aren’t they of yours?
Things I said have stabbed people in the heart,
but have you always said what they loved, from the start?
Mistakes I made shattered my life,
but why won’t you let me repair the damage and give up the knife?
Unknowingly, innocently, cruelly, I made fun of people for who they were
but did they always like what you said about them, mister?
Judge me, if you are the someone who’s never done wrong,
Judge me only if you’ve been the most genuine person around,
But until you’re not, don’t try to bring me down from being strong.

Why is India Backward!

Work is less, Gossips are more,
Duties are less, Rights are more,
Income is less, Expenditure is more,
Silence is less, talking is more,
Production is less, Consumption is more!

Honesty is less, Dishonesty is more,
Followers are less, Leaders are more,
Sources are less, Population is more,
Administration is less, Administrators are more!
Impartiality is less, Partiality is more,
Humanity is less, Inhumanity is more!

So, Automatically, development is less and backwardness is more!!!



मेरी धरती माँ

ऋत्विक मैहता, डी.ए.वी. पव्लिक स्कूल, न्यू शिमला।

यह धरती है सुहानी,
हम इसमें रहने वाले छोटे से प्राणी ।।
इसके अलग प्रकार है,
दिल इसका बड़ा उदार है ।।
पालन-पोषण करती ये,
हर मनुष्य के मन में बसती ये।।
साक्षात ये है देवी माँ,
आदर करोगे तो मिलेगा अच्छा परिणाम।।
इसका तुम सम्मान करो हर हाल,
जीवन तुम्हारा होगा खुशहाल।।
जितनी करोगे इसकी सेवा,
उतना मिलेगा तुमको मेवा।।



मयंक राठौर, डी.ए.वी. पव्लिक स्कूल, न्यू शिमला।

जब अंग्रेजों ने लूट लिया था देश हमारा,
रो रहा था लड़ रहा था हिन्दुस्तान ये सारा।
सोने की चिडि़या हमारा देश कहलाता था,
अंग्रेजों के अत्याचार के सामने टिक न पाता था।

तभी जन्में वे वीर लोग जो देश के लिए मर गए ,
अंग्रेज भी उनके प्रकोप से डर गए।
प्रसिद्व है उनकी वीरता की कहानी,
जब राज करती थी अंगे्रजों की विक्टोरिया रानी ।

1857 में लक्ष्मी बाई, मंगल पांडे भारत के लिए लड़ मरे,
अंगे्रज भी तब सर के बल गिरे।
स्वतंत्रता के लिए खड़े हुए सुभाष जैसे वीर सेनानी,
याद दिला दी इन लोगों ने उनको नानी।

1947 में मिली हमें स्वतंत्रता,
दूर गई अंग्रेजों की प्रतंत्रता।
पर अब हम नहीं रह सकते स्वतंत्रता के बिना,
इसलिए 15 अगस्त को मनाते है स्वतंत्रता का दिन।

स्वतंत्रता दिवस

अर्चित शर्मा, डी.ए.वी. पव्लिक स्कूल, न्यू शिमला।

स्वतंत्रता दिवस है हमारे देश की शान,
हर भारतीय के मन में है इसके लिए मान।
अंग्रेजों ने इस सोने की चिडि़या को लूटा,
इसी कारण भगत सिंह जैसों का गुस्सा उन पर फूटा।
वर्तमान भारत ने कर लिया है बहुत विकास,
इसके हर वासी के मन में भरी है मिठास।
हम सब भारत को सबसे उपर पहंुचाऐगें,
हम सब सदा स्वतंत्रता दिवस धूम-धाम से मनाएंगे।


जानवी गुप्ता, कक्षा 4,
ब्लूबेल्स पब्लिक स्कूलए ढल्ली

पक्षी और बादल,
ये भगवान के डाकिए हैं,

जो एक महादेश स,े
दूसरे महादेश को जाते है।

हम तो समझ नहीं पाते ह,ै
मगर उनकी लाई चिट्ठियाँ ,

पेड़, पौधे, पानी और पहाड़ बांटते हैं।



मुनीष शर्मा, कक्षा 8, ब्लूबेल्स पब्लिक स्कूल ढल्ली

नशा। नशा। नशा।
कहने में तो छोटा सा है नशा,
मनुष्य तू अगर करता जाऐगा नशा,
तो कब्र तेरी खोदता जाऐगा ये नशा,
जिंदगी में तो हमेशा दुःख ही पाऐगा जिसका कारण है नशा,
तू कर देगा अपनी पीढ़ी नष्ट करके ये नशा।

जीना होगा अगर 80 वर्ष,
तो जी पाऐगा 18 वर्ष।
नशा करके तू नालियों में गिरता जाऐगा।
तू बीड़ी सिगरेट पीता जाऐगा,
तो अपने को मौत की सीढ़ी लगाऐगा।

तू तंबाकू खैनी मल-मल के खाता जाऐगा,
तू कब तक अपनी अमूल्य जीवन गंवाता जाऐगा।
अरे। मनुष्य तू अगर अपने आप न संभल पाऐगा,
तो देश के लिए बोझ बनता जाऐगा।

तू अपने लिए न जी पाया,
तो अपने बूढ़े माँ-बाप, पत्नि और बच्चो के लिए क्या करेगा,
जब होगी उनको तेरी जरुरत तो
तू इस संसार में न रह पाएगा।
अरे मनुष्य। अभी भी कुछ नहीं बिगड़ा है,
संभल जा, न कर अपने जीवन को नष्ट करके तू ये नशा।

विचारों में सुधार

अखिल पठानियाँ, डी.ए.वी. पव्लिक स्कूल, न्यू शिमला।

जब भारतीय लोगों के विचारों में आऐगा सुधार,
तो भेद-भाव और अनेकता जैसे हो जाऐगें खत्म विचार ।

सब करेगें प्रेम, स्नेह और रस भरा व्यवहार,
न रहेगा छुआछूत,होगा एक-एक इंसान में प्यार ।,

देश के लोगों और इंसानों में जब सर्वधर्मों के लिए आदर बढ़ जाऐगा,
तब पे्रम का रस हर जगह नजर आऐगा ।

न होगी लूटपाल, न ही चोर बाजारी,
मेरा तो यह कहना है न हो कोई राजा न ही भिखारी ।

जब हर मनुष्य का होगा खुले दिल से सम्मान,
तो सारे विश्व में होगा भारत और भारत का ही गुणगान ।

विश्व में जब भारतीय महापुरुषों का नाम होगा,
उसमें ही हमारा और देश का मान होगा ।

देश में जब समाप्त होगा अत्याचार,
तो खत्म हो जाऐगें सभी गंदे विचार ।

अच्छे विचारों को जो अपनाऐगा,
सारे जहाँ में वो अपनी यशक्रान्ति को फैलाऐगा,
देखना एक न एक दिन पूर्ण होगा ये सपना,
सारे संसार में सर्वश्रेष्ठ होगा भारत अपना।


ब्लू बेल्स पब्लिक स्कूल, ढल्ली

माँ तो आखिर माँ होती है,
माँ से बढ़कर इस दुनिया में,
कोई भी चीज कहां होती है ।

माँ तो आखिर माँ होती है।
दर्द हमें जब होता है,
मुँह से माँ निकलता है,
क्योंकि बच्चों के दुःख से,
माँ का दिल तड़पता है,
सच कहते हैं लोग सारे,
माँ तो बड़ी छाव होती है,
माँ तो आखिर माँ होती है।

माँ एक महाशक्ति है,
माँ ईश्वर की शक्ति है,
अपने बच्चों की खातिर,
माँ कुछ भी कर सकती है,
माँ की तो तारीफ कहाँ ,
माँ तो आखिर माँ होती है।

माँ के बिन यूं लगता है,
जीवन में क्या रखा है,
झूठा प्यार है लोगों,
माँ के बिना यह जिन्दगी,
बहुत ही तन्हा लगती है,
माँ तो आखिर माँ होती है।