लकीरें: एक कविता

डॉ. कमल के. प्यासा खड़ी पड़ी,आड़ी तिरछी,टेढ़ी मेढ़ी,आधी अधूरी,इधर उधर,यहां वहां,कहीं भी हों लकीरें। लकीरें,बांटती हैं,काटती हैं,तोड़ती (मिटाती),फोड़ती (गंवाती),दरारें...

Aspects of Writing Craft Addressed – Plots, Setting, Dialogues, Character Depiction…

https://youtu.be/pQxOErfSyS8 CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE Keekli Charitable Trust organised a webinar for the winners of the short story contest on Sunday, 9 June. Nearly thirty-five...
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लकीरें: एक कविता

डॉ. कमल के. प्यासा खड़ी पड़ी,आड़ी तिरछी,टेढ़ी मेढ़ी,आधी अधूरी,इधर उधर,यहां...

उल्कापात कमांए: एक कविता

डॉ. जय महलवाल (अनजान) बड्डिया मेहनता ने डाल बूटे लगाए,...

कुर्सी (बापू से पूछे आवाम)

डॉ. कमल के. प्यासा बापू तेरे देश मेंचली लड़ाई कुर्सी...

Poem: Teacher’s Delight

Manvika Chauhan, Class: XI, Daisy Dales Senior Secondary School,...

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Winner of Women Entrepreneur Award — KEEKLI An Ode To Innocence

Keekli — www.keekli.in — won Rs. 50,000/- Cash Award for Encouragement in Best Women Entrepreneur Category during an award ceremony held by the Viridian Group, on 7th July, 2015, in Ahmedabad.

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A well-composed book is a magic carpet on which we are wafted to a world that we cannot enter in any other way. S/he must go after it with a club and hence today we are proud to present to you Keekli Book Club for children. For a nominal one time registration fee of Rs 200/- join our Book Club. Meet, Interact and Discuss all about the fascinating world of BOOKS with our patron Minakshi Chaudhary, noted celebrity writer of “Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills” and many more.

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Launch of KEEKLI Monthly Bilingual Newspaper on 31st July, 2015 by Rani (Smt) Pratibha Singh