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April Submissions – Fiction Treasure Trove — 2022


(Results will be announced on 7th May, 2022; only then the winning stories as well as rest of the stories (UNEDITED Version) will be uploaded on the website for our readers)

The competition will begin from 1st of the month.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” — Maya Angelou.

A total of 31 stories will be featured in the book, including 8 cash awardees.

Let your creative juices flow, let the magic of words begin, time to weave those amazing stories and be part of an exciting journey.

  • To participate fill your details in the given form. All fields are compulsory.
  • Word limit — minimum 1,000 and maximum upto 5,000; you may write in English or Hindi.
  • Type the number of Words in the specified field.
  • Submit your story by 25th of the month, after that they will not be accepted.
  • Copy-paste your story in the description form; in case you face any problems, you may upload the Word File as an attachment.
  • Those writing in Hindi have to upload the WORD File only.
  • Only typed stories are acceptable; no images or pdfs will be entertained.
  • After we moderate your stories, they will all be uploaded on our website for our readers.
  • After 25th, these will be sent to the Jury; two best stories will win a Cash Award & a place in the Book. Other notable stories will be highlighted and will have a chance to be featured in the book.
  • You will have 4 chances to compete to secure your place in the Book.
  • 2 monthly winners (8 winners from 4 months) will get only one chance to feature in the Book, but they can compete again for the cash award or be featured again on our website with their new creativity.
  • The Jury’s decision will be FINAL!
  • If you face any issues or difficulty, you may e-mail the story at – [email protected]; kindly follow the same pattern to share the your personal details as listed in the form.

Happy Writing!