UV Light Dance Enthralls all as Auckyites Celebrate Lefroy House Day

Keekli Reporter, 24th June, 2015, Shimla

auckland.24.6.15aStudents of Lefroy House celebrated their House Day with full zeal and enthusiasm in the school premises here today as Auckland Boys School Principal Micheal John presided as the guest of honour. The event started with the lighting of lamp by Principal John, which was then followed by a variety of cultural items to entertain as well as spread different messages for all present.

The eventful morning began with a welcome dance, followed by a small skit titled “Crying for Maggi” touching upon the adulteration in Maggi, a very sensitive and hot topic affecting everyone. Through this skit students spread the message of how serious the issue was and spread awareness among the students. After this an English play was performed by the students, which was based on friendship. A sad story about how a friend indeed is ditched by her best friends and the consequences thereafter. The play highlights human emotions and the pathetic manner in which people and friends behave.

auckland.24.6.15bNext was an amazing Piano recital by the guest artist Meth from South Africa, while the group dance on the song Kolaveri D was quite entertaining and loved by all the students. It was feast of entertainment for all as the dances, songs, various acts left the audience spellbound and captivated. The Japanese Straw Dance too received a huge round of applause.

The other highlights of the morning were a Salsa and a classical mix dances; a group dance by students of Form VIII; a UV light dance, Rajasthani dance which were performed very nicely by the students in their colorful attires, while the solo performance a song titled Tu He Hai Mujme was a great filler which brought smile on everybody’s face. For the first time the girls performed a UV light dance was performed, which was loved and appreciated by all.

The band performance by Lefroy House students was another attraction. The Hindi play titled Katputli showed the plight of a girl child struggling for her identity. A very touching story which made the audience cry as pin drop silence spread around. A South African dance by the students from South Africa lighted the atmosphere.

The day ended on a high note of cheers and celebrations!!!

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