132nd Founders Day Celebrated in Arya Samaj School

Keekli Reporter, 29th June, 2014, Shimla

Students of Arya Samaj School celebrated their 132nd Founders Day with great gusto and passion here today. The Chief Guest for the occasion was MLA Anirudh Singh from Kasumpti Constituency, who was welcomed by school Principal Tanu Priya and Vice Principal Kaushalya Verma. Others present to celebrate the day were Archarya Ramanand, Arunesh Arya, Sunil, Reeta Thakur, Nirmal Verma, Savita Gupta, Madhu Sharma, Pushpa Mahajan, Nisha Singh, ravindra Shastri, Sumanlata, Neelam Soni and Neetu Shekhri to name a few. The event began with the Saraswati Vandana by the students.

This was soon followed by a variety of entertaining programmes which included the famous Himachali Natti, Bharatnatyam and Gujrati dances, and a vibrant Punjabi Gidda performance by the girls. Each item was well liked by the audience and all present appreciated the efforts and hard work of the students and the staff alike.

Chief Guest, Singh lauded the commendable performance of the students and appreciated all on giving such an entertaining show and won every ones hearts. He congratulated all on winning medals and certificates and encouraged them to keep up their good performances. Prizes were awarded to students in various categories and notable winners were the Head Girl Jyoti Kaur; Shweta Thakur received a prize for discipline; best sportsperson was Yamini; house leaders were Priyanka Thakur, Sheetal Verma and Preeti Verma, and the Best Dancer prize was awarded to Kajal Kaushal.

Proud Winners

English Medium

Nursery: 1st – Kavya; 2nd- Suryansh; 3rd – Shivansh; 4th Faisal.

Kindergarten: 1st – Urvashi; 2nd – Aayush; 3rd Sakshi.

Class I: 1st – Vanshika; 2nd – Anshika; 3rd – Mansi.

Class II: 1st – Nikhil; 2nd – Shivanshi; 3rd – Neha; 4th – Harshit.

Class III: 1st – Sanisha; 2nd – Harshita; 3rd – Charu.

Class IV: 1st – Moksha; 2nd – Sneha; 3rd – Nitin.

Class V: 1st – Jatin; 2nd – Arun; 3rd – Payal;

Hindi Medium

Nursery: 1st – Anam; 2nd – Khushi; 3rd – Alema.

Class II: 1st – Shruti; 2nd – Ritik; 3rd – Kritika.

Class III: 1st – Soya; 2nd – Priyanka; 3rd – Mohit.

Class IV: 1st – Manisha; 2nd – Sujeta; 3rd – Ayesha.

Class V: 1st – Smriti; 2nd – Ruby; 3rd – Kartik.

Class VI: 1st – Shagun; 2nd – Lalita; 3rd – Mahima.

Class VII: 1st – Archana; 2nd – Sakshi; 3rd – Punam.

Class VIII: 1st – Sheetal; 2nd – Neha; 3rd – Punam.

Class IX: 1st – Diksha; 2nd – Muskaan; 3rd – Riya.

Class X: 1st – Pratibha; 2nd – Parnit; 3rd – Sonia.

Class XI: 1st – Aanchal; 2nd – Meghna; 3rd – Priya.

Class XII: 1st – Jyoti; 2nd – Preeti; 3rd – Navita.