IXL Math


Are you nervous when you think about Mathematics, here are few simple solutions. though the syllabus here is largely based on the guidelines provided by various US states, but it covers a lot of ground, from preschool to eighth grade, with sections on algebra and geometry. Learn more about algebra, as well as a section on trigonometry. The Math syllabus is organized on the basis of skills that students must develop by a certain age. For instance, they must identify shapes, learn to count, make comparisons and learn about positions, size and money in pre-school. This also makes it easier for parents and teachers to locate practice material, when they identify which skill their children or students need to improve upon, and they receive reports on the progress made by the kids. The problems are interesting enough and geared to the right age group; children might enjoy solving them and get over their fear of Math.

This site offers a paid membership option for teachers, schools and parents!!!


Kids Web India


A portal for children, providing tips on a wide array of topics such as IQ & EQ Treasures, competition tips, facing examinations, beauty tips, food groups, weight gain in kids, role of exercise, weight loss in kids, steps to fight fear, languages online and much more. For little ones there is section on nursery rhymes, quotes for kids, little writers, art play, rhymes, poems, stories, tongue twisters and a do you know section?

A fun-filled section for kids on jokes, games, riddles, puzzles, junior cookery and information on animal kingdom, green friends, flowers, vegetables, bugs, birds and much more are very educative as well as entertaining.


The Student Center


This site helps you plan if you wish to study in the US, on campus or online. You can not only select your institution, based on the course you want to study, the qualification you want to earn and its distance from your place of residence, but you can also learn about well-known campus towns across the US, the benefits of joining the armed forces to help pay for your college education and the good habits that will get you through. You will find a lot of information on preparing for college entrance tests also.

Most students in the US have to take loans if they want to go in for higher education, so Student Center also features a search tool for grants, scholarships and student loans. This is where you get information on all the options — private student loans, Stafford loans, PLUS loans and GradPLUS loans. You learn about consolidating loans, as well as comparing interest rates, fees and rates before settling upon a loan provider, credit checks and more. This site also includes a social network and an auction feature.

A very useful site, for students in the US and for foreign students who plan to study there!!!


Education World


This site aims to be a one-stop shop for teachers. It contains lesson plans, information on integrating technology in classrooms and expert advice, as well as website reviews and employment listings. This free resource has articles on professional development advise for teachers on how to help their students study effectively; how to structure their lessons so that students respond and learn; how to recognize high-tech cheating and how to conduct surveys so that they get to know their students better. It has a professional development newsletter, for which teachers can sign up; the site also includes an archive of previous issues. School administrators can also sign up for a newsletter, which features articles on building morale, solving problems and training staff.

There is an extensive collection of lesson plans and worksheets for various subjects, some of which have been provided by users, as well as articles on and reviews of technology for the education sector. You will find software reviews and educational technology tips in this section, as well as advice on using technology in the classroom. Nowadays, teachers not only teach children about computers — they teach using the computer and the Internet. They have to ensure that students know about the various parts of a computer system and are aware of the safety rules they must follow when online.


India Education

IndiaEducationAt first glance, this appears to be a well-designed site — the use of green and white is refreshing as you get information on all facets of education in India, with portals dedicated to each state, all the union territories and the four major cities in the country. They provide lists of and detailed information on courses and colleges, along with a detailed breakdown of each professional course; lists of exams and their schedules; information on studying abroad and an option to question an expert.

If you select the kind of exam you want to sit for, you can get detailed information on the kinds of jobs you can hope to get after giving that exam; get details regarding the application and the test centres; the exam pattern and syllabus; the dates and eligibility criteria and the method of preparation for the exam. The section on Ebooks is quite relevant for students and there is also a script, where you enter your details and get some guidance on further studies.



VidyaVisionAnyone giving competitive exams may visit this site as it covers most of the competitive exams in the country. There is a directory of educational institutions; question papers for exams for academic institutions, banks, state civil services (at present restricted to Andhra Pradesh only), entrance to professional courses, various central services and organizations, as well as exams conducted by the UGC and UPSC; results; notifications and news. There is information on distance education, education abroad, career guidance and education loans. The career guidance section provides detailed information on various options for jobs. There is a forum for participants to chat, as well as English improvement resources, which take you to The Hindu. You have to register to get access to question banks and other resources.

A very useful site!!!



A humongous website featuring information on competitive exams. You can get information about all the competitive exams conducted in the country — whether it is the Intelligence Bureau or the Central Armed Police Forces looking for recruits. Most of these relate to jobs in the government and public sector organizations. There are sections devoted to general knowledge, group discussions and interviews, as well as tests and study materials related to English language, quantitative aptitude, reasoning and computer awareness. The tips provided for those participating in a group discussion appear to be spot on. The study material provided is free. For vocabulary builder exercise, we get an essay where difficult words are highlighted using a red-coloured font. The rest of the text is in bright blue.

The site is not well-designed, as the material, instead of being presented via drop-down menus, is provided in boxes scattered all over the page, so one has to spend some time searching for the right material.


IMS: Learning Resources


This site has been set up by leaders in management entrance training. They provide various levels of training — from basic materials as part of a correspondence course to classroom training to online simulation of the CAT exam. This is a neat and presentable site. Several management entrance tests have been analyzed and the results of entrance exams to various universities presented. They also provide lists of management institutions in India and abroad, for enrolment. They include a free initial assessment of MBA aspirants who come for management entrance training after some work experience — they match them up with the appropriate programmes. There is a students’ chat forum and a list of IMS centres all over India. There are FAQs, CAT cut-off percentiles, and information on business school for sales and finance courses. It also provides an option to enrol online for the programme.

What makes this site work so well is its clear focus on a single goal and its neat and clean design!!!



gurukpoClaiming to be one of the “fastest growing educational web portal”— it supplies free study notes for a wide variety of courses, from MBA to various bachelor-level courses. It also targets school students, and those aspiring to careers in nursing and education. There are model papers and previous years’ papers available, as well as descriptions of several scholarship schemes and career counseling for various streams. Although its aims are commendable and laudable, the rather verbose manner in which the publishers describe themselves and their aims makes one wonder how good the notes are likely to be. The notes are available online, in PDF format.

No one objects to educationists developing study materials that students can use without paying a fee. However, this availability of a product without a price must be set against the very poor quality of the material itself. Although the Internet enables you to provide goods and services free of cost, it also provides you the means to ensure that these goods are free of error also.



StudyFreakWhether it is a medical test, an engineering exam, CAT, GMAT, TOEFL or the IELTS, this website will give you an overview of how the test is structured and what the test is used to examine. The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for example, tests your fluency in English; you take this test when you want to apply to an English or Canadian University or migrate to an English-speaking country for work. You also learn where the test is taken and for what purpose. You also get an extensive list of universities to which you can apply, in India or abroad, and you get information on study visas. For tests like CAT, you even get an extensive list of personal interview questions and topics for general discussion.

Although the site mentions study material, what you get is an extensive bibliography targeted at MBA aspirants, even when you open a link reading IELTS Study Material. This site can be at the top of any ambitious student’s list.

 Useful site in term of information but does have grammatical errors!!!


schoolsindiaA perfect educational portal providing an exhaustive list of schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions starting from play schools, kindergarten, primary, high, and higher secondary schools affiliated to different board patterns such as (CBSE, ICSE, State Board, Matriculation, Anglo Indian, International School, IB etc). Under the UG-PG higher educational systems they have included different types of colleges and universities which offer a selection of professional course and syllabus to students wanting to pick any subject stream. This portal offers specific information to students, parents, as well as teachers such as subject-specific question papers, information on career guidance and extracurricular activities; teachers have access to innovative teaching tools and workshop from expert advisors; and Parents too can track their children’s performance by following the websites of schools where events and results are posted. The navigation of the site is simple and information can easily be accessed by all.

 Be sure to visit this “e-school zone, a networking of principals, teachers, students, parents and visitors on a single platform to facilitate them to achieve their objectives”!!!


Study Guide India


The most difficult task of looking for dependable information about various course, colleges and universities comes to an end through this website. The extensive and exhaustive database offered by them about various colleges and streams across India helps students in making the right decision. The search criteria too is quite simple as you can browse by either looking for top schools/preschools/boarding/private/public/CBSE or ICSE schools as well as training institutes located anywhere in India. Add ons such as career options, educlub & TV which includes video clips, events, news, scholarship details and education loans are quite informative. The facility of joining specific groups and blogs to discuss various education related issues and admission procedures as well as sharing experiences with other members is also interesting.



Unorganized and vast resources become meaningless if one has to browse through everything, but this problem has been solved by as they provide information about more than 70,000 colleges, scholarships and admission notifications. So if you are looking for information on MBA courses, within India or Abroad; options after class 12th; subject-wise courses; or degree courses abroad then you get all your answers on this website. The career-central option helps/guides you in making the right choice for selecting the most suitable stream for future education. A list of top institutes too helps in making the right decision. The Q&A section and the discussion panel equally facilitate’s one on various questions and topics. The best feature about the site is the online submission of application forms for various institutes.