Adventures of Milo & Doco

Debopriya BanerjeeA new Fairy Tale

(Author/Illustrator: Debopriya Banerjee — A first attempt at writing story for kids, I I used to draw cartoon characters during my childhood days and my mom used to love them. After completing my ISC exam, I joined Arena Multimedia in Kakurgachi, and from there my journey towards becoming an Illustrator and character designer began: [email protected])


Adventures Begin

Hello kids, welcome to the world of a cute and chubby little boy Milo and his best friend Doco, the dragon.

Part – I



Smelly Feet Princess

Last time we saw how Milo and Doco became best friends. Now let us see how Doco keeps his promise !!

Part – II


Milo & Doco

Coming Soon

Part – III