Bubbly Regalites Mesmerize One and All

Keekli Reporter, 16th June 2013


The recently concluded Fancy Dress Competition held by the Regal Public School, Lakkar Bazar, Shimla, left the audience awestruck and captivated as the performances of the young stars aged between two plus and five plus was dazzling and brilliant. The confidence with which these little angels presented was amazing and few even went on with nice narrations and dialogues to send the message across.


Today’s show helped me recall this famous quote by Franklin P. Jones, a famous public relations executive and humorist that “You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance”, which perfectly applied to these young performers as they hosted the two hour long show and the teachers who had the patience to deal with these tiny tots and guiding them in each performance.

As per their sections the kids were divided in six groups – Mickey; Donald; Jerry; Tom; Nursery and KG. Few notable performances based on various themes included that on global warming, save the girl child; blood drop; traffic light; mobile phone; Anna Hazaare; toothbrush and toothpaste; a clock; Sikandar and a drug addict as well sending their messages right across the audience. Additional features about the show was the thrilling group dance performances by various sections to some energetic songs which had the parents too excited on their chairs enjoying the act and the show concluded with the final act of ramp walk by the tiny tots.

Kanya hatya

The Principal, Manmohan Khanna said that it took more than a month to make this kids practice their roles. The supportive effort of both the teachers and parents was equally appreciative. Well every competition has results and this too will have one. But then it is not an easy task to announce the results immediately as judging little angels can be quite an assignment. He added, “We have a quite elaborate procedure of judging the competition. A judging committee comprising of teachers review the photographs and video footage of the show and based on it the winners are to be selected. Points would be given on the basis of costume design; stage performance and new ideas presented.

drugsThe results are announced after a week or so after the conclusion of the show”. He further added that prizes are given in various categories, namely – three in each section and three best performances over all.

No matter who wins or loses but that Sunday morning, all kids were the winners. Stepping on the stage at such tender age in front of a houseful of parents was rewarding enough and shows the courage with which these angels performed. This show was a perfect beginning to a bright Sunday morning that left deep impressions on our minds about some very important issues that affect our lives daily.

Results will be posted soon!