Budding Artists Brush Stroke: Painting Workshop Concludes at Gaiety Theatre

Ritanjali Hastir, Keekli Reporter, 4th February, 2014, Shimla

Panting-wrkshop.4.2.14A children’s painting workshop organized by the Department of Language, Art and Culture at the historic Gaiety Theatre concluded with the showcasing of paintings by young budding artists from various schools. While informing about the workshop Ishro Devi, the art teacher said, “It has been three years since I have been taking these hobby classes during winters. I am grateful to the Department for providing me the opportunity to share my talent with young children. In the process I not only teach the students but have also learned quite a lot from them. They all have been totally focused, dedicated and above all pure in their efforts to paint their themes and subjects”.

She further added that the next session which begins in February has already started and I am very happy that I will be able to help more children and get more time to spend with them.

Panting-wrkshop.4.2.14bIn this workshop nearly 55 students participated ranging from class one to ninth. Students showcased their talent by painting various themes right from religion to abstract, animals to human emotions and landscapes to portraits. More than 100 paintings were showcased in the exhibition which received a warm welcome from all the art lovers.

Devina Thakur, a class eight student from Auckland House School and a student of the workshop while sharing her experience says, “It has been a great experience. I have learnt a lot from Ishro, who herself is a fine artist. I have been enrolling for these classes for past three years and since then I have learned a lot. Many of my paintings have been displayed in the exhibition and I feel proud that I am a part of this workshop”.

Panting-wrkshop.4.2.14aWhereas Tanvi Chaddha and Sagrika Kalta while sharing their experience say, “It is wonderful to get an opportunity to express oneself in the form of art. Usually in winters there is hardly anything that one can do but because of this workshop we got an opportunity to paint our colorful emotions during the dull winters. We will try to join the second batch too”.

Students have experimented with all mediums of painting, ranging from pencil to pen; poster colours to water colours; crayons to pencil colours and sketch pens.

Manoj Sharma, a spectator while commenting on the exhibition said, “It was a wonderful experience. Children have painted their emotions in a very fine way. I do not think that any work exhibited here stands inferior to each other. They all are best in their own way and I feel so proud for the children who have participated in this workshop”.

Students whose work was showcased included Amrit Singh Chandel; Himani Sharma; Arsh Sen; Arshia Sen; Devina Thakur; Rijul; Parth; Lata Devi; Aatreya Kapoor; Amish Kapoor; Tejeshwar Singh; Manas Sharma; Deepankar; Darshleen Kaur; Aditya Bhushan Sharma; Suvrat Thakur; Siddharth Thakur; Mridul Sharma; Jaideep Singh; Shivam; Sikandar Thakur; Sidhant Garg; Mrinaal Garg; Shubham Thakur; Mansi Verma; Aarthak Chauhan and Ranav Sethi among many other.

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