Empower Girls

Animation Short Film on Gender Equality and Female Foeticide

A new proposal adopted by KEEKLI is to educate and motivate all to empower girls. In this section we shall share our views and views from across the world on gender equality & female foeticide. You all are invited to share your views and give us your feedback to make an effort to change the world for the girls. Have we even come closer to curbing female foeticide or going by the statistics are they a numbers farce.

A lot is written and spoken about when it comes to gender equality and female foeticide, but do we really see any action. Have we even come closer to curbing female foeticide or going by the statistics are they a numbers farce. To create awareness the Directorate of Women & Child Development HP, released an animation movie “Muskaan” highlighting this serious issues. It is a serious attempt to shed the social biases in society against the girl child. This short film has been made in the Himachali context but raises points relevant to the entire Indian context.

Our society still treats girls as inferior. In spite of an educated outlook with far superior knowledge and experience when it comes to dealing with our daughters we as parents suddenly adopt a biased outlook. Strict instructs are doted out to girls as they venture out of their home — “Don’t talk to strangers”, “Come home early”, “No late nights”, No befriending boys”, and similar umpteen wise guidelines. But then same is not the case when their sons venture out. Mother’s and father’s usually don’t dole out similar instructions to their rightful heirs. Are parents just being cautious and over protective about their girls or is it more driven by societal pressure and changing norms.     

At this point we also need to think in terms of the strata we are catering too. Are we trying to educate the rich class, the middle class or the lower class. Who is affected the most and why. A difference in numbers may be seen in these segments but nevertheless when it comes to female foeticide and gender equality, we see similar cases across the line.

Directorate of Women and Child Development, Himachal Pradesh

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