“Go Green” — A Message for Students during Declamation Competition Held by SJVN

Dav-tutu-3Keekli Reporter, 6th August, 2014, Shimla

A Declamation Competition was organized by Satlug Jal vidyut Nigam (SJVN) in DAV School Tutu, here today as the event was presided over by the Additional General Manger of SJVN, Davendra Vadera and the Senior Official Language Officer Narendra Kumar Mankotia. Around 20 students participated in the competition, who expressed their views on existing and upcoming hydro projects in Himachal.

Dav-tutu-2An Open General quiz was also hosted by the guests, Narendra Kumar and Davendra Vadera. During his speech, Language Officer Mankotia encouraged the students to conserve environment and said, “Taking steps to conserve and reuse is easier than you might think. You can do your part to help save the environment by conserving energy, water, and gas; recycling, nurturing the outdoors, and reducing your material consumption. Remember, everything you eat, drink and breathe is part of the environment. A student can save the environment by giving advice and asking other to prevent pollution. You can also arrange a meeting in your society and give people advice and discuss ways to protect their environment”.

Dav-tutu-1School Principal Jeevan Jyoti during her speech said, “It is the school’s ethical duty to teach the students the importance of the environment that they dwell in. Children need to be taught from the beginning about the peril that our planet is in and that even they should make their contributions in saving planet Earth. Each generation should not repeat the mistake that the previous ones have made instead should act as responsible citizens. It is very important to teach young generation how to Go Green, so that they grow up to be environment-concerned citizens”.

The program officially concluded with a prize distribution by Davendra Vadera. The winners of the competition were as follows: First – SukanyaThakur; Second – Asmita, Third – Divyam and Charu.