Hard Work is the Key to Success in Any Field: Neha

Ashima Sharma, 15th August, 2014, Shimla

Academician !!! Sports Star !!! Musician !!! You name is and Neha excels in all !!! She is Living all her Dreams !

neha_bigThere is a famous saying, “The power you have is to be the best version of yourself you can be, so you can create a better world”. The best example which can completely define this quote is a student of Loreto Convent Tara Hall, Neha Sharma.  She has declined to be defined by a particular field. She denies accepting the famous saying that we have been hearing from our childhood “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

Neha started playing Badminton in the year 2012 and within no time with her hard work and dedication she was soon competing at state level competitions. She has represented the school in interschool state championships and reached the semi finals. At district level, she has made her way to the semi finals in singles and won in doubles Under 19 as well as Under 17 in Women Category.  She has also reached state quarter finals in women category. In addition to all these achievements she has been the proud school Badminton Champion since last three years.

Talking about her inspiration she said, “Everybody around me inspires me by one best quality they possess. I believe one can learn from each and every person he/she meets in life. Other than that my mentor and coach Sunny Papta plays a very important role in encouraging me in becoming a better Badminton player”.

Expressing her liking for the game she says, “In general sports is a forte in the family. MyNeha_inside uncle Rohit Sharma is a very famous state badminton player and my father Tek Chand Sharma has been a part of Yoga team at the national level. I got interested in the game when I was in class 10 and since then I have been continuously working on improving my game.

While talking about her future in Badminton she adds, “I am surely aiming to play at the national level some day but for that I need to work really hard. Leaving school next does not mean leaving the game for me. I will continue to play even when I go college. I am a little disappointed that I won’t be able to play districts this year as the dates are clashing with my school exams”.

Sports’ is not the only field Neha has explored. She started learning guitar when she was just 12 years old. She has performed in USM, Shimla Fest as a solo performer and in different concerts in School. She stood second in an interschool competition while playing with her school band held at Gaiety Theatre, Shimla.

Indulging in different fields doesn’t hinder her studies as she is one the brightest students of her batch. She scored 9.2 CGPA in her class 10th board exams.

On asking her to choose from three fields academics, music and sports she says, “Academics, Sports and Music, all three play a very important role in my life. Sports’ is something I cannot just explain by any quote or a line but it is the best part in my life. Maybe because many things in life that I have learnt while playing I could not have learnt them that easily. The hard work we put in for the districts and states all the time and the time spent for fitness is the best part because we try to correct ourselves in every possible way and reach the pinnacle of success. On the other hand Music is a source of expressing our feelings and music is one thing I cannot live without. Talking about academics, education is a very important part of a successful person’s life. I never let my studies suffer, whatever the reason may be and I hope to continue doing well in all the fields in future as well”.

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