I Want to Join Politics and Work for the Country: Alisha

Ashima Sharma, October, 2014, Shimla

8Alisha_sNelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. For the youth of today education in schools has a burden, mainly due to the increasing difficulty level but this does not defy the fact that education is an integral part of a child’s life. There are very few students who trust the power of education and find joy in studying and one such student is Alisha Malhotra of Loreto Convent Tara Hall School for whom studies are a device through which one gets to learn something new every day.

Asking her about the importance of academics she says, “It gives a person better sense of logic and practicality. In today’s era, education plays a vital role in shaping a child’s future. It helps in boosting the confidence of a child and making her/him a good human being”. Alisha has always been ranked as one of the top five students since Class I and she also made the school proud by being one of the toppers of her school with 10 CGPA in Class X Board Exams. In addition to this she has been a batch holder, for three consecutive years, which is decided by a panel of teachers and School Principal for the most promising students in the class.

A subject feared by most of the students in school is Alisha’s favourite — Mathematics. She said, “I love studying Math, unlike my other friends I find this subject very interesting because every sum brings along a new challenge. It also helps in sensible thinking, improves problem-solving capabilities, and the capability to think in subjective ways”.

7Alisha_sHer additional co-curricular interests include swimming as now she is a certified international diver with two swimming workshop credits received in Mauritius in 2011. She has also won the prize for most promising speaker in Interschool Poetry Competition held in Bishop Cotton School. She has participated in number of plays and dance performances in school. Her recent commendable performance in the YWCA’s Musical Production — BALLERINA, the Swan Lake was highly praised and appreciated.

Talking about her inspiration she says, “I don’t have to seek for inspiration outside my family as my grandfather, Subhash Kapur, Chairman, Steel Bird Helmets inspires me to do better each day. His style of working, hard work and dedication inspires me to do my best. My parents have been a strong support system for me. They stand by me in whatever I do and encourage me to do better”.

Talking about the role of teachers and principal of the school in making her an intelligent student she adds, “Teachers have not only guided me but also played an important role of a friend. They have always supported me, guided me and helped me do better in studies as well as in each field. I would like to mention two junior school teachers in particular who have made me love all subjects, Luxmi Sopti and Luxmi Singh”.

Alisha is an excellent student who aims to join politics or the administrative services to work for the betterment of the country one day !!!

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