In today’s competitive world one needs to stay updated with what’s around them. and having a good knowledge about the country is vital, especially for our young students who hold immense potential. At this point quiz books play an imperative role. One such book is Let’s Quiz Kid, two volumes, which has all the who, what, and when about India. It’s a very nice and important book for young and old readers alike.

Authored by dynamic Dr. Ravi Bhatia, a paediatrician by profession and a quizzer at heart. An alumnus of the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, he has been on various quiz shows. His mission is to educate young kids about India via interesting quizzes. The books are a treasure trove for the school students, which would not only be helpful in their studies but also prepare them for competitive exams and quiz contests. The books would satiate the hunger pangs of getting knowledge about the country.

The books cover everything about the country’s geography to history to fun facts about various regions, personalities among others. There are 500 interesting questions in each book ranging from sports, to Indian mythology, culture, customs, the list is long. The books are bound to interest everyone from kids to elders, it’s a must read for everyone.

These are easily available on Amazon as well as various books across the country. It is also available at Brews & Books Café, Shimla.

Dr Bhatia’s passion to educate the young and share his knowhow lead to the donation of several these quiz books for an event held by Keekli Charitable Trust in March 2024, titled Mimansa Dwitiya – Children’s Literature Festival. The winners of the Declamation, Vocabulary & Slogan Writing were awarded these.

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