St. Thomas School Shimla organised it’s first ever two day Model United Nations (MUN) on August 20 and 21 for the senior class students. Around 100 students participated in the UN conference which aimed at developing leadership skills among the participants.Vijay Kumar Verma Advisor and Editor of ICN World graced the first day of the event as the Chief Guest and gave an overview on the history of UNO and UNSC. Ms. Neha Dhiman Associate Editor, First Verdict group and Editor first Verdict portal was invited as the Chief guest for the second day.The participants were divided into three committees viz. the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the Joint Parliamentary Session, and International Media viz. Photography, Reporting and Caricature.

For the United Nations Security Council the participants representing various member countries debated on the burning issue of Russia-Ukraine conflict. Discussions were held on the harmful impact of the ongoing war since February 2022 not only on the world economy but also on the global environment. The role of UNSC also came under question since except recommending economic sanctions against Russia, and supply of arms and ammunition to Ukraine, no fruitful solutions have been found to end the seven months old war in which thousands of soldiers and local residents on both sides have lost their lives. Another concern on dependence of European countries on Russia for supply of gas as energy was discussed threadbare. Another group enacted a Joint Session of both the houses of Parliament for discussions on Farm Bills 2020 which had been enacted to ensure doubling the income of farmers. From heated arguments to finding actual solutions, the session was filled with enthusiastic delegates representing politicians from various parties.

One of the group of students acted as representatives of the media covering the two events Several sessions were conducted on both the days and spirited discussions were made. With the thrust “Embarking, engaging and adopting the digital values”, the school emphasised the importance of adapting to digitization and its effect on enhancing the efficiency of our lives. The event also focused on imbibing the values of unity and non violence into the students and provided them with an opportunity to showcase their diplomatic skills preparing them for their future endeavours.


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