‘Plant More Trees’: A Social Message by Swaran Public School

Swaran_1Keekli Reporter, 23rd August, 2014, Shimla

The students of Swaran Public School participated in a tree plantation organised by the school near Tuttikandi. Mrinal, Vikas, Khamesh, Usha, Kanika, Shreya, Aman, Sameer, Megha, Gurpreet of Class 7 also joined the tree plantation drive. Rashmi, Soniya, Vipul, Aarti  of Class 8, and Karthik, Savya, Vinay, Kanishk, Vinay, Kkusum, Yunik, Viajy, Yogesh, Sulabh, Simran of Class 9 and many more students enthusiastically participated in the event.

Not only students but the following teachers of the school also took part in the activity, Monika, Rekha Kanwar, Shelja, Nishtha, Richa, Vijay, Lata,  Hemlata, Anju, Reena, Praveen, Devendra and Krishna. School Principal Seema Mehta was also actively involved in the event. A total of 80 Deodar tree seeds were sown by the students.

On this occasion the school principal told the students the importance of planting more trees and preserving nature and added, “You know how greatly beneficial trees are! They, in fact, sustain our lives. Besides this, trees cause rains which are as necessary as air. They give us a beautiful landscape and help in the ecological balance of nature. You can imagine the surface of the moon. Our earth would be like that without trees – lifeless, colourless and lustreless. We are here because of them. We must therefore start valuing them. Our disregard for trees has borne us with sour fruits. See the effects of deforestation and increasing urbanization. Environmental pollution is their result. Global warming or the Green House effect has caused drought conditions in many parts of the world. Undoubtedly many states in our country are reeling under scanty rainfall. If we are really serious about the value of tree plantation due to these reasons, it becomes our urgent duty to plant more and more trees on every available inch of land”.