St. Thomas’ School Shimla orchestrated a dynamic Pre-Primary School Lead conference in the school auditorium, with School Principal Mrs. Vidhupriya Chakravarty as the esteemed chief guest. Parents were warmly welcomed to share in the event.

The gathering commenced with a warm welcome and address from one of the students, setting a vibrant tone for the proceedings. Principal Chakravarty’s opening remarks highlighted the conference’s primary focus on nurturing students’ creativity, boosting confidence, and providing a platform for their burgeoning talents.

Glimpses of the Event:

  • Nursery Tiny Tots stole the show, showcasing their creativity through recitations of rhymes, lively demonstrations of body parts, and engaging phonics in Elga.
  • Junior KG Kids displayed their talents by presenting phonics, demonstrating 3D shapes, showcasing flashcards featuring water animals, and reciting Hindi rhymes such as “Duniya Dekhu Do Ankhon Se” (दुनिया देखूँ दो आँखों से).
  • Blooming buds of Senior KG amazed the audience with their models portraying the solar system, farm animals, and wild mammals, accompanied by lively presentations of Hindi rhymes.

Parents were not just spectators; they actively engaged with and enjoyed witnessing their children’s creative prowess during the event. In the closing moments, parents generously shared their valuable feedback, contributing to the uplifting of spirits among the students and organizers.

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