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Ocean’s Revenge — Short Story

The ocean sent a message to the rivers. "Where are you? What is happening? Earlier you brought silt and in last few years you have been bringing filth. What nonsense is...
Vikramaditya Singh Participates In Chintin Shivir

Vikramaditya Singh Participates In Chintin Shivir Of Sports Ministers

Public Works, Youth Services and Sports Minister Vikramaditya Singh today participated in the two-day 'Chintan Shivir' held at Imphal, Manipur. Chintan Shivir was addressed by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi through video...

Scientists Solve the Curious Case of Himalayan Glaciers Resisting Global Warming

PIB Delhi - Researchers have taken a significant leap toward solving the mystery of why few pockets of glaciers in the Karakoram Range are resisting glacial melt due to global warming,...