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IN EACH INDIVIDUAL THERE is a born writer, photographer, artist, musician, performer, actor, dancer, comedian, lawyer, architect, doctor, engineer, sportsman, i.e., in each individual there is inborn talent which at times unfortunately goes untapped for want of direction or exposure. To quote Maya Angelou, an American poet, memoirist, actress and an important figure in the American Civil Rights Movement, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you,” – rightly justifies this section of our website.                      

You have it in you to say or share something here is your chance for a free platform to express yourself creatively.

For adequate and all encompassing talent this section has been divided into three categories –

    • TEACHERS  and

Each section deals with a specific group of patrons/contributors who choose to use this medium to communicate giving everyone ample opportunity to express and articulate in a manner that best suited to one. It is often seen that parents and teachers are too busy with their routine lives that they forget to give time to their own dreams and passion. In this busy world we all have, though we tend to overlook, if you may say, the “ME TIME”, that is time meant exclusively to pursue your little subdued talents and skills giving expression to your hidden feelings providing you with some sense of achievement and gratification without being selfish and compromising with your routine. This “ME TIME” is yours to use fruitfully for your own self upliftment and at the same time sharing your precious thoughts with those you love, i.e., children!!!

To conclude we may say that if you have the enthusiasm and fervour to write or offer something valuable for the children please feel free to do so on this worldwide platform offered for those who love children and would like to see them flourish imbibing the right values with appropriate exposure in this world where exposure is limited to the computer!!!

We once again call upon you to feel free to contribute in any form –

    • Features
    • Write ups
    • Poems
    • Sketches
    • Images and

… much more.