Helping and caring for special children takes a lot of patience, love and care, and at the same time you need support and financial help. Serving these young kids for over a decade now, the Malsawm Initiative – A School for Children with Special Needs – was inaugurated on February 19, 2011, located at Malsawm Ability Resource Centre, Pearsonmun, Churachandpu, Manipur. With just one classroom and without any trained teachers, the Founder Pauzagin Tonsing and his wife Ching with one volunteer in a free rented campus offered by Nu Shanti and Pu Vunglallian began there long journey of selfless service. The seed money, just amounting to Rs. 10,000/- was a donation from Lalpuithluaii Foundation School at that time.

Now, they have a place of our own with eight classrooms, office, a smart class room, accessible toilets and infrastructure serving more than 55 children with special need. Many of their graduate students can now join a regular school and mainstream society. Services extended to these children are early intervention, therapy, inclusive education project and community based rehabilitation project among others.

The first professional volunteer Ritu Lovely Choudhury came all the way from Guwahati to provide training to parents in 2011 with the help of local volunteer Ms Mankhanlun, and Ms Chongthangmawi. Now, thirteen staff members including six special educators are working full time.

The members of Centre for Community Initiative are thankful to the community, churches, parents and partnering NGOs for their constant support and help. Among these include regular partners – UNDP India, Perkins India, National Foundation for India, Christoffel Blinden Mission India, United Nation Volunteer, Salwan Media, Ample Water, Lalpuithuaii Foundation School, District Administration, Sunshine Snapdeal, ezKarma, Manipur State Legal Services Authority, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, GoI), SSA, NABARD, GiveIndia, CBR Forum.

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  1. The Malsawm Initiative was started not just out of desire and knowledge, but because I was driven by the calling I got through my own blood, my first born. Although I have lost my son, today, I consider myself having lots of children because every little or minute improvement and development made by every child, every student in the school made me the happiest father as much as their own parents. After having started TMI and working in the disability sector, my thoughts and perspective has completely changed. Whenever I met someone with disability, I immediately developed a feeling, hoping and wishing if the institution could do something for them. And I would often shed silent tears because of our limitation while the need is rising. Although TMI seems to prosper till date, but my prayer and wish for TMI is to grow and be able to serve and help more and be a leaning shoulder to the community.

  2. There is no time to waste in starting version 2 model of The Malsawm Initiative (TMI) to cover entire North East in joint venture with PARIVAAR NE. Let’s plan, let’s Zoom

  3. There is no time to waste in developing the Version 2 model of The Malsawm Movement (TMI) to cover entire North East where PARIVAAR NE will extend all possible support. Let’s Plan, Lets Zoom


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