Meaning: Everyone involved must unify and function together or it will not work out.

Once upon a time there was a small village. People of the village lived in harmony with each other and every second house seemed to be the extension of the same family.

The land of that village was very fertile and produced bumper crops each year but villagers being untouched by the human vices, were content with all they had and were very happy. None of them expected too much out of their lives.

One fine day, a rich businessman came to the village. Someone had informed him about the rich, fertile land and he was curious to acquire major part of it. He wanted to put up a factory in the village which was beneficial for him but for the villagers it was a total loss. Soon they all would have lose their land if the factory was set up. He started to find out about the owners of the land. While digging out the papers of the land ownership he came to know that it was collectively owned by three people.

Now the rich man contacted them all and offered a handsome sum to them all in exchange of their ownership. All the three men protested against him and refused to sell the land knowing the risks involved. However, the rich man was not going to let his plans fail so he bribed the authorities and some how managed to transfer the ownership in his own name.

Like any ordinary day all the three men went to plough their fields but were taken aback as they saw big machines and labourers working there. The men inquired about why their crops were destroyed and hence an argument started among all the men present.

The businessman drove all the three men away and threatened them. People went to the police seeking justice. There they learned that the land was now registered in the name of businessman and no one had any legal right over the land.

Individually they all tried all possible ways to help themselves but nothing seemed to work. One of the men thought that if they work individually there was little possibility of winning their land back but if they joined hand to fight against this common injustice they could win.

They all collectively went to each villager who was like a family and asked for their help by making them all aware about the possibility of them falling prey too to the wicked design of the businessman. They all united and together went to authorities and protested in front of them. They all supported those three men and soon this protest started to make a powerful impact.

Soon the news spread about the injustice done to the poor villagers and higher officials started to investigate the matter. The corrupt businessman was forced to leave the land and flee the land and the person who helped him change the records was also punished as per law for his wrong deeds.

Finally the three men realized that A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND. When they were trying to fight against the injustice alone there was hardly any attention paid but when they united with their family like villagers they managed to win their case. It was not just their personal problem but that of all the people living in the village.

©Ritanjali Hastir


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