A Piece of Cake


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Meaning: A task that can be accomplished very easily.

Once upon a time there lived a man called Madhav. He was a very talented man and a very good artist. His art was not normally appreciated by the people around his place and town. His paintings were always full of life and seemed like they would start talking, if spoken too. Usually he used to sit on roadside and paint. He hardly earned two square meals by selling his portraits and other paintings.

One day, lady luck smiled on him and a big car stopped in front of him. A very rich man stepped out from the car and asked Madhav to paint his family portrait. First Madhav was confused and felt scared. His work was never appreciated before that way and especially such a rich man asking for him to paint seemed too good to be true.

The man told Madhav that next day, his driver would come to pick him up and bring him to his mansion where he will paint and will be paid well for his service. Next day when Madhav reached the man’s place he was taken by surprise. It was a very big house and very well maintained and decorated. Madhav painted the family portrait and was paid a handsome amount for it.

Soon the man’s other business associates also started to hire Madhav for their personal portraits and other artwork. Madhav’s fate started to smile on him as soon he was famous and became rich due to his talent.

There lived another artist Raju near Madhav’s place. Even though he was an artist still his skills were not as developed as Madhav’s. He started envying Madhav’s fate and thought if he too could make a fortune by making portraits like that hence he thought of a wicked plan.

Madhav was now over burdened with lot of painting orders and Raju knew that Madhav was a kind hearted man so he pleaded to help him out. Madhav knew that Raju was not such a fine artist and still was in learning stage but still after Raju convinced him, he agreed to help Raju.

Raju was always over confident and boasted about his potential as an artist. As a sample he took Madhav’s work and soon on that basis he received a huge order against a handsome amount. He was too excited and had a nice time enjoying spending away the money he received as an advance for the order.

Soon time passed and the delivery date came close and Raju had no work ready to give to his customer. He tried his best to complete the order but time and again his work got rejected due to some reason or the other.

He was totally low and this was the time he realized that making paintings and completing such bulk orders was not A PIECE OF CAKE. 

 ©Ritanjali Hastir

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