Meaning: A very mild punishment.

Once upon a time there lived a young boy Raju. He was very mischievous and always played pranks on the other fellow students in his school. Many innocent students had been victims to his plans but however, no one was ever injured or hurt to such an extent that one would lose temper.

One day a new girl Sita, joined the school. She was in complete contrast to Raju. Her nature was calm and quiet. She was always lost in her own world and hardly cared about her surroundings. She never participated in monkey business and this made Raju feeling ignored.

First terms had ended and school was going on a picnic. Raju and Sita too joined the trip. The journey was progressing smoothly with all students having fun and gala time. Raju tired to become friends with Sita, but she ignored and this rejection made him angry.

The location was beautiful and all children were busy playing when Raju thought about teaching Sita a lesson for her arrogance. All students decided to play hide and seek. Sita too joined the gang. However, having a devious plan on his mind, Raju took her to an abandoned hut for hiding.

As time passes no one comes looking for her and because of fear she faints. As the teachers start to count the students they find her missing. Suddenly Raju remembered that he had hid her in the hut and all rushed towards it.

Sita was lying unconscious in the hut and was immediately taken back. Her parents were called and they took her to the hospital. However, after learning about the entire incident the Principal of the school suspended Raju from school for a month.

Raju was too scared to share this news with his parents and decided to visit the hospital and seek Sita’s help to make the Principal forgive him. As he entered the ward he saw her mother crying and her father in great tension.

He gathered some courage to talk to them and enquired about her health. From them he came to learn that her condition was not so good, as she was scared of darkness, due to which she was in comma now. It would take months for her to recover.

On learning this Raju was very ashamed on his wrong doing. He thought to himself he came to seek her help to get free from his punishment but on the contrary the punishment he got was just A SLAP ON THE WRIST as after a month he could go back and resume his studies whereas Sita’s life hangs in fire for unpredictable time. With tears in his eyes he left from hospital feeling guilty and repenting his deed.

© Ritanjali Hastir  

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  1. I really appreciate your efforts n really very talented performers can show their talents. Very big n reputed stage you provide. I want to know about when forms come to take part in classical dañce competition. Let me know about procedure. Thanks.

    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your appreciation. We are a news website and only cover children’s news events and stories. We dont have the details of the organizers.

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  2. Thanks for encourage the talented young artists. What is procedure to take part in classical dance competition? When the form comes?

    • Your Welcome Sir,

      We are a news website and only cover children’s events. We dont have the details of the organizers.

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