Career Guidance

Realize your dreams and then put your dreams into action!

We at KEEKLI An Ode to Innocence aim to provide guidance to children facing a dilemma as to where should they start and how to overcome their challenges. Based on your education and skills we will help you in assessing your career choices as making the right selection can be a very difficult task.

To achieve this target KEEKLI An Ode to Innocence will conduct FREE Career Guidance Programmes as per the specific demands of children and parents both.

We will also address and help you build your skills and how to take them to the next level to achieve your goals and targets, which may also act as a stepping stone for your future success.

  • Know yourself: It is very important to understand yourself and your own needs. A career choice has to be your own and not influenced by what others have to say. You should be able to understand your own skills and like/dislikes to make the right decisions which will shape your future. When planning your career you need to think about your interests, ideals, expertise and preferences. We at KEEKLI An Ode to Innocence can help you explore the options available to you and help you to manage the changes that will occur in your life.
  • Exploring Options: We will help you explore areas of interests and career options based on your needs. Once you have some ideas regarding your preferences we can help you in researching the specific skills and qualifications required for those career options.
  • Right Decision: Once you have narrowed down your options and thought about both the pros and cons you need to then match them with your skills, values and interests as this is fundamental to your careers success.
  • Taking Action: Once you have made a career decision it is important that you are well supported by your family and your peers. Your choices and decisions will have a direct bearing on your future life and the correct career guidance at this level is of utmost importance!        
  • Communication, Time Management and Discipline: These three skills are very important and go hand in hand as communication in any form should be direct and to the point whether it is writing proposals, emails, or making presentations and with time management you can increase your efficiency and competence which helps in achieving the desired results. Discipline in life leads to a successful life.

We have a few esteemed members as honorary associates who can answer specific questions of parents and children both. All queries related to any topics will be kept anonymous unless otherwise the individuals wish to share their concerns publicly through our portal. You have the liberty to direct your questions to any member of our Honorary Panel .

All you have to do is send us a mail at [email protected] and direct your questions to the concerned member and we will get back to you within three working days.