Meaning: When you are mistreated, the same way you mistreat others

Once upon a time there lived a very cruel King named Pratap. People of his kingdom feared him as all were well aware about the fact that he was ruthless; considering his history. He had imprisoned the old King Udham and took away his kingdom.

There was hardly any person who respected him, it was out of fear that no one spoke in front of him and the King was under the wrong impression that he was respected by all. However, in spite of people’s hatred for him his army was very loyal to him and all were ready to die for him. This was the only strong or positive point of the King.

The King frequently used to raise taxes and harass his people. People often reflected on the good times gone by and slowly-slowly the bitterness in their heart for the King began to grow. One fine day the people of the kingdom decided to unite together and do something about the cruel King.

They all decided to meet the friend of the old King, Vidhur who was all powerful and wise and sought his guidance to get rid of the cruel king.

Vidhur was not aware about the poor state of the affairs in his friend’s kingdom and on learning all about it his heart cried. He decided to help his friend and his people. Vidhur had a great army in front of which Pratap’s army had no chance.

When Pratap learned about the plans of his people he was very angry and decided to punish the conspirators. Soon his army started to torture common people and there was hardly any person left that remained untouched from the wrath of Pratap. Seeing his people suffer like that Pratap thought he and his army were invincible.

People felt betrayed by Vidhur and lost all hopes when in the middle of night his army attacked Pratap’s palace. There was war and lot of bloodshed but soon Vidhur was victorious and imprisoned. That time Udham said to Pratap that it was his turn to have A TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE. Now he will face the same ill treatment that he subjected to other people.

©Ritanjali Hastir

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