All India Girls Trekking Expedition starts on high note


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Dharamshala: The All India Girls Trekking Expedition, an eagerly anticipated event, commenced this year at PG College Dharamshala, with Col. Sanjay Shandil, the Commanding Officer of 1 HP [G] BN NCC Solan, leading the event.

The opening ceremony was marked by an inspiring address from Col. Sanjay Shandil. He briefed the cadets on the various destinations they would visit during the expedition and emphasized the importance of maintaining good health and staying hydrated. To symbolize the commencement of the trek, Col. Shandil distributed trekking caps to the cadets.

A dedicated team of doctors and police officers is stationed at the college campus to ensure the safety and well-being of the cadets. These arrangements are made to address any health issues and maintain security throughout the event.

On the first day, the cadets were divided into two teams for their initial excursions:
Team A visited the War Memorial, where they listened to the poignant and inspiring stories of brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation. The visit instilled a deep sense of patriotism and respect among the cadets.
Team B explored the HPCA Cricket Stadium, enjoying the breathtaking scenic beauty of the surroundings. The visit provided a refreshing and serene experience, allowing the cadets to appreciate the natural landscape of Dharamshala.

Upon their return, Col. Sanjay Shandil personally received the cadets, inquired about their health, and motivated them for the upcoming treks. His interaction boosted the morale of the cadets and reinforced the spirit of the expedition.

On the second day, 215 cadets, accompanied by their ANOs (Associate NCC Officers), set out for Kunal Pathri. The trek included a visit to the picturesque tea gardens of Dharamshala, where the cadets were captivated by the lush green landscapes and the serene environment. The trek not only offered a physical challenge but also provided a delightful visual treat, enhancing the overall experience of the expedition. 

All India Girls Trekking Expedition at PG College Dharamshala started on a high note, with well-planned activities and excellent arrangements ensuring a memorable experience for all participants. The event continues to inspire and empower the girl cadets, promoting camaraderie, resilience, and a deep appreciation for nature and national heritage.


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