As Pale As A Ghost


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Meaning: To turn white or in other words loose ones colour due to irregular blood flow usually caused by utter surprise, anxiety or fear.

Once upon a time there lived two friends called Ram and Sham. They were best friends and often spent time together. Both of them were very mischievous and often played pranks on other fellow students.

One day, both of them went to school and there was a new admission in their class. Her name was Seema. She was a nice and very quiet girl. The moment they saw her both of them decided to play a prank on her.

They both decided to loosen up the nuts of her chair next day so that when she sat she would fall on the ground. The morning bell rang, the teacher entered the class and asked everyone to be seated. As Seema sat, the leg of her chair cracked, she fell and injured her arm. Everyone stared to make fun of her. She felt greatly abased. Time passed, this incident was forgotten and soon things got back to normal.

Ram and Sham often played in the neighboring woods and often were scolded by their elders for the same. There was abandoned house in the village and people believed that those houses were haunted and not safe to be around.

With time even Seema came to know about this horror story and she often saw them both playing in the woods. She thought about playing a prank on them to even out the previous score.

She dressed in a white clothes and painted herself like a ghost. With the help of her friends she lured them both inside the house saying that they were not brave enough to go inside the house. Ego got the better of both friends and they at once decided to take up the challenge.

Both of them though frighten kept their brave face on and went inside. They heard the sound of a girl singing and at once were reminded of the young girl who was killed in the house. First they decided to go back but then they thought others were standing outside and would make fun of them.

They went inside and Seema jumped in front of them making them scream out of fear. As they both ran towards the door Seema laughed and revealed her identity. They all laughed over the matter and all decided to explore the house to expose the false story about the house.

As they were exploring they heard a thud, they looked back and all turned AS PALE AS A GHOST and speechless. It was getting dark and villagers came to look for them. All three were white and looked like living ghosts. For long time they were unable to share what they saw that made them then and even now as pale as a ghost.

©Ritanjali Hastir

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