Meaning: If you give someone or something a clean bill of health, you examine them and state that they are in a good condition, or legal or in simple words one may say news that one is healthy or statement that an organization is operating correctly.

Once upon a time there lived a young girl called Anita. She was full of life and spread happiness everywhere she went. She was the only child of her rich parents.

One day the parents decided to go for a business trip and considering the upcoming school exams right across the corner, they decided to leave Anita behind under the guidance of their reliable distant cousin. She was an exceptionally brilliant student and always topped her examinations.

Time passed and her parents’ trips started becoming frequent and they asked their distant cousin Ramesh to permanently shift in their house. Ramesh was a crook and when Anita’s parents were away he handled their business back home. He was never fair in his transactions and one day Anita’s father came to know about the scam. He warned Ramesh to mend his ways which Ramesh took to his heart.

In the mean while another business trip was scheduled and Ramesh took advantage of the situation as he conspired to kill his cousin and his wife. They both met with an accident and died on the spot. All the money was transferred to Anita and on learning this Ramesh lost his temper.

He manipulated the situation and with the help of false documents declared that Anita was mentally unstable. She was sent to one of the local asylums without considerations of her being normal on basis of reports produced by the doctors of that hospital.

Couple of year’s passed and Anita was still in the asylum, when one fine day, a social worker came to meet the mental patients in the asylum as he doubted about the proper living conditions of the patients. He interviewed many patients and by chance he came across Anita, who he found different from rest of the lot. He tried to get friendly with her and soon learned about the foul play. He decided to help her and took the matter to court.

The case was reopened and soon Anita was given A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH by the appointed doctors and a legal action was taken against the mental asylum for foul play and keeping a healthy person in asylum by producing forged reports.

©Ritanjali Hastir

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