Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 11th August, 2019, Shimla

Yet another exciting session of Keekli Book Club was held today at Book Café Takka Bench, situated at the historic Ridge. The kids has a great opportunity to meet Sumit Raj Vishisht, a noted writer from Shimla who has books such as A British Himalayan Town, Shimla Bazaar, Shimla Days, A Journy to Shimla by Toy Train, to name a few to his credit.

The session turned out to be great fun as children got new tips from Sumit on how to write a story and what are the important aspects of making a story. Children proved their growth as writers, as they knitted a beautiful on the spot story based on the theme where they were lost during a picnic.

Children gave wings to their imagination and brought creatures like Centaurs, lions, spirits to life. Each group presented an entertaining story that impressed our guest for the day. Children were appreciated and advised by Sumit to read as much as possible and be observant when they want to write. (CLICK TO SEE ALL VIDEOS)

Another wise advice shared was to make sure that if one is willing to write then one should take a walk alone as this is the time when one observes otherwise in company even the obvious gets overlooked. He suggested the young aspiring writers to start with light reading as per the taste rather than going for heavy ones.

As for the next session members were given regular exercise to read a book and write a story on Shimla based on their observations and feelings.

The day concluded on a positive note as children were already excited for next month session where they can put their creative best foot forward.

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