Bishop Cotton School, Shimla, continues its tradition of fostering holistic education by organizing two dynamic workshops over the weekend, furthering its commitment to integrated learning. These workshops, focusing on junior robotics and senior sustainability, provided students with hands-on experiences and vital insights into cutting-edge technologies and pressing global issues.

  • Juniors Explore Robotics: Lucky junior Cottonians delved into the world of robotics and augmented reality (AR) technology during an engaging workshop held on March 9th. Through interactive demonstrations and discussions, students gained a foundational understanding of robotics, from construction to programming. The school’s forthcoming Stem Lab promises to be a hub for hands-on learning, where students will have the opportunity to build and code their own robots, fostering creativity and innovation.Photo Description: A junior boy at BCS adeptly interacts with a VR monitor, showcasing the school’s commitment to cutting-edge education.
  • Sustainability Superheroes Unite: Senior Cottonians assumed the mantle of “sustainability superheroes” during a thought-provoking workshop led by Ms. Subuhi Safvi on March 10th. Delving into topics of climate change and planet sustainability, students were actively engaged through energizing activities and insightful discussions. Ms. Safvi’s interactive approach, including games and incentives, effectively conveyed complex concepts, empowering students to take action in mitigating climate change.

Ms. Safvi emphasized the importance of equipping students with knowledge and instilling a sense of responsibility towards environmental stewardship. Through activities highlighting the unequal impact of climate change, students gained a deeper understanding of their role as global citizens and agents of change.

One student remarked, “It was a very simple and fun way to explain a very complex and complicated subject,” encapsulating the workshop’s success in making sustainability education accessible and impactful.

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla, remains at the forefront of educational innovation, nurturing students not only academically but also socially and environmentally. By integrating robotics and sustainability workshops into its curriculum, the school empowers students to embrace emerging technologies and tackle pressing global challenges with confidence and compassion. As “sustainability superheroes,” these students are poised to inspire positive change, shaping a more equitable and sustainable future for generations to come.

Bishop Cotton School: Established in 1859, Bishop Cotton School boasts a rich legacy of nurturing leaders across various fields. Rooted in tradition yet forward-thinking, the school provides students with a robust foundation to thrive in an ever-evolving world. With a focus on holistic development, Bishop Cotton School continues to shape the minds and hearts of future leaders, fostering a community of excellence and integrity.

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla: Junior Robotics Workshop Sparks Innovation

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