Keekli Reporter, 31st August, 2019, Shimla

Annual functions are a great opportunity to showcase skills, a stage to present to their parents how beautifully they have been taught by their Gurus. Students of Blue Bells Public School, Dhalli, beautifully presented the Seven Stages of Man’s Life during their Annual Function at Gaiety Theatre, as Shimla City Mayor Kusum Sadret graced the occasion who was warmly greeted by the School Principal Santosh Banta. The event began by invoking the blessing of Lord Ganesha followed by the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest and other dignitaroies present.

Shakespeare’s famous monologue from his play As You Like It, talks about the Seven Stages of Man. Stage one being that of infancy, which was beautifully presented by the students by performing the Chatt Puja, highlighting the colours of Gujarat. Interspearsed with a skit and song & dance presentations the second stage highlighted the activities of a schoolboy. The concept of fusion was showcased as the child grew into his teenage years.

The fourth stage was seen as the man walks the borders as a soldier, passionate about his duty towards his nation, working hard to making a reputation and taking risks. The fifth stage sees him as wise and experienced, being prosperous as well as respected, and at the same time vanity seeping in. His marriage and celebration of life is shown through the famous Himachali songs and well-loved Natti. The last two stage of old age and dotage and death are highlighted with the man losing physical and mental abilities. (CLICK TO SEE ALL VIDEOS)

Each and every song and act was wonderfully presented by the students, highlighting the hardwork of the school management and the staff. Parents too were delighted and amazed to see their wards perform so nicely.

Chief guest Kusum Sadret lauded the efforts of the students and guided them away from the banes of the society such as too much usage of mobiles, drug abuse and junk food. She further stressed that as parents we should spend more time with our children and steer them towards constructive activities and not just burden them with studies and achieving high marks.

The evening ended with the prize distribution; vote of thanks by the school headgirl Riya Kanwar and the National Anthem.


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