Keekli Bureau, 3rd March, 2020

Auckland House School for Boys organised a talk which was headed by Dr. Gopal Ashish Sharma, Senior Resident and Dr. Neha Patyal, Junior Resident, Department of Community Medicine, Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla to make the children aware of the deadly Corona Virus that has been affecting thousands of people in Wuhan, China and other parts of the world.

Dr. Ashish spoke about the causes of its spread and the preventive measures one should take in case infected with COVID-19. According to him if anyone gets affected we must seek medical and supportive care. He also stressed upon the fact that we should stay away from rumours and should check the official site of World Health Organisation for any kind of updates and queries.

He also answered the questions posed by the students regarding Corona Virus. The main purpose of this talk was to enlighten the students about the virus and the effects of the disease and also to inculcate the habit of washing hands after anything that they do.


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