Doctors Agree to End Strike; Contractual Doctors Won’t be Deprived of NPA: CM


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The Doctors have agreed to end their pen down strike after a meeting with the Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu held here today. During the meeting, the Chief Minister said that the State Government has not abolished Non Practicing Allowance (NPA) for the medical officers but has withdrawn it for the time being.

He also accepted the demands of delegating the DDO powers to the Principal of the Medical Colleges, giving representation to the doctors in Himachal Pradesh Medical Corporation and time bound DPCs for the promotion of doctors. He also assured that contractual doctors would not be deprived of the NPA benefits.

Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that the doctors’ pen down strike was illogical as the State Government has not stopped the NPA of the doctors working in various health institutions and they should have come forward prior to discuss the issues with the Government before going to pen down strike.

Chief Minister said that in just five months of assuming the office, the present State Government has taken various measures for the well being of the medical fraternity.  To provide better working conditions, the State Government has initiated various reforms in the health sector. Besides, increasing staff strength of doctors, the State Government is also working to create and fill up various posts of para-medical staff. He said that the State Government has decided to create Department of Emergency Medicines in all the medical colleges of the State with a view to strengthen the casualty department. Additionally, doctors were being sent on exposure visits in the reputed health institutions of the world to get acquainted with the modern medical inventions and techniques.

The Chief Minister said that a scheme was underway to promote health tourism in the State and deliberations are being held with the giant companies already working in this sector. This will provide employment avenues to the doctors and other health functionaries, he said, adding that the State Government has reinstated the Old Pension Scheme to its employees to provide them social security.

He said that Central Government has reduced the loan limit by Rs.5500 crore to the State and termed it as unfair step of the Union Government because the State Government had restored Old Pension Scheme to its employees.  Despite this, the State Government is diligently working for the welfare of the employees.

Health and Family Welfare Minister, Dr.(Col). Dhani Ram Shandil, Industries Minister, Harshwardhan Chauhan, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Bharat Khera, Special Secretary Health, Neeraj Kumar, Director Health Services,      Dr. Gopal Berry and various representatives of Medical Health Officers Association were also present in the meeting.


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