The efforts of the state government to make Himachal Pradesh a green energy state by March 31, 2026 are yielding positive results. A year ago, 19 e-vehicles were included in the Transport Department, which has ensured not only saving of money but also environmental protection.

The use of 19 electric vehicles in place of fossil fuel based vehicles in the transport department has resulted in a saving of Rs 28,32,853 in a short period of one year. There has been a significant reduction of 87.318 tonnes in carbon emissions due to the use of e-vehicles in the department.

Chief Minister Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that the Transport Department is the first department in the country to adopt e-vehicles. This step of the government shows the government’s commitment towards environmental protection. On February 3 last year, 19 e-vehicles were provided to the Transport Department.

In order to encourage the people of the state to conserve the environment, the Chief Minister himself is using e-vehicles in Shimla city. This step of the government will also ensure participation of youth in environmental protection and reducing harmful carbon emissions. The state government is ensuring sustainable development by promoting e-mobility in the state towards realizing the concept of Green Energy State.

Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that the state government is committed to strengthening the transport sector and curbing air pollution in urban areas. Reduction in carbon footprint will also have a positive impact on people’s health. The state government is also strengthening the infrastructure for green-mobility and six green corridors will be ready by the end of this financial year.

E-Vehicles In Himachal

The state government has launched Rajiv Gandhi Self-Employment Start-up Scheme with a provision of Rs 680 crore. In the first phase of this scheme, 50 percent subsidy is provided on the purchase of e-taxi for unemployed youth. The operators have agreed with the government to operate these e-taxis. Along with providing employment to the youth, operation of e-vehicles is also being encouraged on a large scale.

The Chief Minister said that the aim of the state government is to reduce the dependence on imported fossil fuels so that the money spent on it can be used for public welfare works. The state government is promoting environment friendly transportation while preserving the ecology of the state. Other states of the country are also being inspired to adopt this initiative.

Green Energy Initiatives By 2026

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