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1. of, relating to, or having good digestion;
2. cheerful, optimistic.

1. Warren’s stockbroker offered some surprising eupeptic predictions about Warren’s portfolio in spite of the sluggish economy.
2. “For Ms Roach and her fellow digestion devotees nothing is too gross…. No human organ goes unprodded in this epic quest for eupeptic enlightenment.” — From a book review in The Economist, May 4, 2013.

“Eupeptic” first appeared around 1700 and was probably created from “eupepsia,” a word meaning “good digestion.” (“Eupepsia” was cooked up from “eu-,” meaning “good,” and “-pepsia,” meaning “digestion,” ingredients that are ultimately of Greek origin.) It seems reasonable that good digestion might enhance one’s outlook on life—and indeed, “eupeptic” can suggest a happy frame of mind as well as a happy digestive system. Along similar lines, someone with poor digestion might be cranky, and the antonymous counterparts of “eupeptic” and “eupepsia”—”dyspeptic” and “dyspepsia”—can suggest either indigestion or ill humor.

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