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Sonia Dogra

A step by step guide to face Board Examinations

The time of the year is just ripe for question papers to begin rolling in and stress levels are definitely not plummeting at any cost. With the Board Examinations ready for another lease of life, we are sure of soaring temperatures even as mercury dips low this winter season. So here we are with a three series take on examinations to help you crack them better than ever before. A three series feature will be covered under the following heads before it’s time to take the plunge:

  1. Brace Yourself
  2. Controlling Stress
  3. The Final Bout

The first thing and of prime importance is to Brace Yourself for the test. And we are going to get set this November to face the heat. There’s no point in postponing the process of acceptance. The earlier you tell yourself that it’s time to get to work, the better it will be for you.

Count the number of days and schedule your work. Have a decent time table and try to follow it. Do not fill all your hours with studies but space it out. Go for recreational activities even as you aim to meet the academic deadlines.

Board examinations expose you to greater competition. This is indeed your first step towards achieving the goal you have set in life. And while we do not suggest losing it altogether, there should be a certain level of seriousness to your approach to it.

Be Sure of the Syllabus. Be regular in class and cover your syllabus in a systematic manner. Revise and clarify your doubts well in time. Avoid leaving your questions for the last.

Solve Plenty of Questions. Try to solve plenty of questions and old years’ papers. If you get stuck, take help from teachers, friends or parents but don’t let a doubt just pass by.

Prepare Handy Notes. Try to jot down important points, formulae that you come across during the course of your preparation. This will be handy during exams.

Plan. Chalk out a time table giving ample time to each subject. Choose a time that suits you best and a study space that you feel is convenient.

Know your Weaknesses. Do not ignore your weaknesses. Concentrate on improving them. Take help if needed.

Revise Well. An important aspect of examinations is revision. Revise from time to time as human brain is volatile and lack of revision may hit you hard. At the same time do not study anything new from a new book right before exams. You maybe completely confused.

Stay Fit. Eat well and exercise well. Listen to motivational music and pursue a hobby. Sleep well too.

Time Management. This is of utmost importance when it comes to examinations. Do not have erratic study or rest hours. Try to stick to a fixed schedule.

Also when we talk of time management I prefer to lay stress on doing time papers. They help to maintain a uniform speed of writing and minimise the chances of not completing the paper. Take an old paper and try to do it in a stipulated time. You will never regret this one.

Outdo Yourself. Each time you face a test in class or at home try to score better than before. Try to outdo yourself. That is the only way to improve.

Be Loyal to the Syllabus. There is no dearth of reference books in the market. And we often feel like amassing the entire wealth in all the books. But when it comes to Board Examinations its best to stick to your syllabus. Extensive study should be put aside for competitive examinations.

Debug Your Mistakes. Take your old papers and work at your mistakes. Make it a mission to learn from them.

Work at Your Handwriting. If you do not have a neat hand, please make an effort to work at your handwriting. The look of your paper is more important than you think!

Give Importance to All Subjects. Remember, all subjects are equally important and deserve equal amount of attention. Don’t ignore some subjects presuming them to be simple.

Try to Develop a Conceptual Understanding. Get yourself to understand a topic rather than concentrate on cramming. Remember cramming won’t last you long.

Attitude. Someone once pointed out, “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

While we cannot negate the role of aptitude in deciding our result, it is correct to say that attitude is the real key to success. Being positive and taking each challenge as it comes is the way to deal with examinations and only those who believe they can are the ones who finally make it.

It’s aptly said that examination is not a battle that lasts one single day. It is a process that stretches over months and only those who regularly put in hours of hard work finally manage to swim the distance.

Group study is a fine way of knowing if you have missed out on a part of the syllabus or even of clarifying your doubts. But the same should be restricted to a few hours each week and one must learn to listen rather than display self knowledge during group study hours.

As we close the first section of our race to the Board Exams, we hope we were able to provide you a guideline to start the preparations. Time is ticking away and it’s now that you must hold it by its ears before it trickles down and is lost in history. A well balanced day is all you need to happily fill your time with productive work. And remember, it all begins in the mind. So until we meet again, hope you fill your hours with good timing and a great attitude!


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