Exam time… . And Student’s Blues…


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Urmimala Mukerjee

Exam did not go according to your expectations? Feeling low and depressed?

Here are some of the ways to handle and ease your set back.

But before that, always remember, “IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.”

Listen to music…. Music is not only the soul of every emotion, it is a very good healer too. It draws you out of your gloom and transports you into a world of rhythm and melody. It helps in reducing muscle tension and thereby decreasing the anxiety level of a person. Music brings about an emotional release, which is safe. It increases the motivation level and your creative and interactive instincts, thereby enabling you to come to a logical and practical solution of your situation and urging you to forge ahead with vigour and vitality.

Go for a walk…. Walking is dynamic. It is therapeutic. Here you are going at your own pace. You are completely in charge of yourself. If you were feeling stuck up and pulled down with remorse or guilt or any other negative emotions, being physically active will help you release your tensions and stimulate your thoughts and ideas. The rush of adrenaline helps in reducing your anxiety and disappointments. It is a metaphor for moving forward.

Put your dancing shoes on…. Dance has been used therapeutically for thousands of years as a healing ritual. If you are fond of dancing, then close the door of your room, put the music on and start dancing. Dance can be a very good bridge between expressions and emotions. You can let out all your pent-up emotions through your dance.

Talk to a Friend…. Nothing can compensate talking your heart out. With a friend, you can simply talk, cry, shout or just think. Here you have the opportunity of dealing with your situation with someone who will respect you and your opinions. Talk about your day, your feelings, your hopes and dreams. Discuss your alternative plans. Talking might not take your woes away completely but it will definitely ease the burden of your heart.

Finally, remember that disappointments and disillusionments are part of growing up. Its survival of the fittest and you are meant to survive against all odds. Accept your situation. Let bygones be bygones. You cannot undo your past, so why bother? So! Get up child! Wash your face, clear your head and sit up straight! There is so much more to life than just one exam. These are small battles and as long as you win the war, YOU ARE A WINNER!

(The author is a kindergarten teacher for 14 years, has worked very closely with students, as she believe in a wholesome growth of a child. Having two grown up daughters has given her the privy to enter into the world of teenagers and young adults. She has seen her daughters struggling with their exam blues and, together, they figured out some easy ways to sort them out. Hope, my simple tips will be of some help to our young students, even if it is in a miniscule way.)



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