The entire nation is all set to celebrate the 68th Independence Day on 15th August 2014. In spite of that fact that more half a century has passed away since we are celebrating this day, Keekli’s reporter, Ritanjali Hastir brings you people’s take on this day.

raj-verma.14.8.14Raj Verma (private employee): Means a holiday

In the current times, I don’t think that we all are patriotic. This day only signifies a holiday when we all can rest or do things that we like. During our childhood, we did celebrate the day and sing patriotic songs but now the zeal is gone. I do feel that if the time was different then definitely this day would have held more significance for us all as we are not much concerned about the nation as whole but are self centered.

kajal.14.8.14Kajal Gupta (college student): No personal level celebrations

I do not celebrate this day as such now being an off, I spend time with my family. In school we do celebrate the day but on a personal level, there is no celebration I must say. Over the years there has been a decline in the patriotic feelings as well as considering the current situation in our country. It is really sad that people are loosing interest in all such significant days along with festivals and there is a need to ponder over the grimness of the situation.

shikha.14.8.14Shikha Dhillon (lawyer): Opportunity to serve

I am a patriot and as lawyer I try my best to deliver the best as per our Constitution. I feel proud that I got an opportunity to serve my country via my profession as many people do not get a chance to do so. In my opinion Independence Day signifies an opportunity to serve more people. To be a true patriot one does not need to do extra ordinary things but I feel as doing one’s simple duties as a citizen of the country is enough.


anu.14.8.14Anu Rani (university student): Birthday of India

Every year on 15th August, we celebrated Independence Day and I personally feel that it is a day on which we can proudly celebrate our Independence. Some people say that we are still governed by unfair laws but the bottom line is these law makers are natives of this country and not some foreigners like pre-independence times. It is like celebrating the country’s birthday every year as it gained its new identity as an independent country and drawing peoples’ attention to the patriotic feelings that every citizen should posses being a citizen of democratic nation.

ashw.14.8.14Ashwani Chauhan (MBA student): Independence is spirit’s free flow

In my opinion 15th August marks the Independence Day just for the sake of calling it one. We are not truly independent as our brains and social outlook is still centuries old. We are not receptive to new ideas and concepts. Still in the name of culture or society we are forced to give up on our dreams and other choices. I do not think that independence means only free from foreign rule but free sprit flow is the main essence of this day which is still missing in our country.

yash.14.8.14Yashpal Chauhan (MTA student): All class gone

In my opinion being independent means freedom to change and evolve but here in spite of more than a half century gone we have hardly changed our mindsets. If we consider the pathetic condition of our country, I am forced to say that Raj days were far much better than today. There were employment and proper facilities without discrimination. They taught people basic manner which in current times are hard to find and hence they made a man out of illiterate apes in a city especially. All the class has gone which is heart-breaking.


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