Art by Pritha Doegar, AHS, Class 8

Rijul Kaundal, Class X, St. Edward’s School, Shimla

Its the end of the day,
The shiny starry night;
My room pitch black,
With a dazzle of moonlight.

Glitter glimmers and shines,
On the dark sheet of calmness;
Hiding the blue energy underneath,
Revealing its mystical darkness.

But black doesn’t scare me,
I look at it in a different way;
A moment calmly born,
It may be hated, resented and sworn;

I close my eyes and take a leap,
A leap towards the ground;
On the ground, I have my bed,
Where I sleep safe and sound.

I escape away from the outside world,
And enter a state of lucid dreams;
Where I sit back and open my phone,
And start looking at Humorous memes.


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