School News Recap 2014

Colourful Holi Celebrations at SHEMROCK Buttercups

Keekli Reporter, 14th March, 2014, Khalini

ShemrockHoliTiny tots at SHEMROCK Buttercups, Khalini spent a beautiful, colourful morning while celebrating the festival of Holi. Principal, Umang Banga said, “The purpose behind this celebration was to introduce children to our Indian culture and festivals. Through such activities we try and instill in them a feeling of brotherhood and a sense of belonging to the society”. She further added that tilak was applied and the children hugged each other by saying “Holi hai”.

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Budding Artists Brush Stroke: Painting Workshop Concludes at Gaiety Theatre

Ritanjali Hastir, Keekli Reporter, 4th February, 2014, Shimla


A children’s painting workshop organized by the Department of Language, Art and Culture at the historic Gaiety Theatre concluded with the showcasing of paintings by young budding artists from various schools. While informing about the workshop Ishro Devi, the art teacher said, “It has been three years since I have been taking these hobby classes during winters. I am grateful to the Department for providing me the opportunity to share my talent with young children. In the process I not only teach the students but have also learned quite a lot from them. They all have been totally focused, dedicated and above all pure in their efforts to paint their themes and subjects”.

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Contentment – Key To Happiness

Ritanjali Hastir, Keekli Reporter, February, 2014, Shimla

In current times people’s apathy towards one another has become a source of suffering. Children of winter theater workshop tried to convey the same message to the audience through their cute performances.    

children.feb14frntA play Ek Kurta Sukh Bhara was staged at the historic Gaiety Theater by the young talented school children on 1st February, 2014. While informing about the event Director LAC Arun Sharma said, “It is our annual workshop where children get an opportunity to polish their talent. During winters children have ample free time and it is best to utilize their energies in positive development. The Department organizes painting, theatrical, classical and western dance workshops at Gaiety where children can select as per their interest. Our effort is to provide and encourage new talent”.

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Bargad Staged at Gaiety

Ritanjali Hastir, Keekli Reporter, 17th January, 2014, Shimla


People of Shimla city got an opportunity to experience the magic of acting in the form of a play — Bargad — staged at the historic Gaiety Theatre.

Samanvya Theatre group in association with Sangeet Natal Akademi, New Delhi presented a Hindi play Bargad, which was enacted by the students of Children Theater Workshop held at Kasumpati. While informing about the show Chris, director of the play informed, “This theatre workshop is an annual event that is always organized by the government for honing the talent of young children. It was for first time that I have worked with young children and I feel that it was a wonderful experience as response comes naturally. When dealing with adult actors we can make their movements mechanical but here it was not possible and that was the beauty of our concept”.

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