SOCIAL demands for Immediate Action from the Himachal Pradesh Government in the Sexual Assault Case on Minor Girls at Breathing Minds Coaching Institute, Mandi 11 The ongoing incidents of sexual assault against underage students at the Breathing Minds Coaching Institute in Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh, for the past year, without any arrests, raise serious concerns. Despite the non-bailable provisions under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012, Section 8 and 12, the accused Pranushul Saini remains at large, getting bail within 5 days without any preliminary investigation.

Sexual Assault Case On Minor Girls Sparks Outrage In Himachal Pradesh: SOCIAL Advocacy For Justice
Brijesh Pathania, State President of SOCIAL, Himachal Pradesh (Sexual Assault Case On Minor Girls Sparks Outrage In Himachal Pradesh: SOCIAL Advocacy For Justice)

SOCIAL (Strategic Organisational Collaboration for Improvement and Advancement of Lives), a national coalition of Indian NGOs, urges the Himachal Pradesh government, the Honorable Governor, and police authorities to ensure the immediate arrest of the accused and owner of the coaching institute Pranushul Saini within 7 days. Following the arrest, a prompt investigation should be conducted, and the accused should face severe penalties, sending a strong message against such crimes and ensuringjustice for the victims.

The organization calls for legal action against Pranushul Saini, the coaching institute’s teachers, and anyone involved in threatening the students and their families. Investigations should also be carried out against those aiding Pranushul Saini in obtaining bail within 5 days on serious non-bailable charges. Adequate protection should be provided to the 3 minor victims who have filed primary complaints against Pranushul Saini.

Aryan Dudvaani, National General Secretary of SOCIAL, stated, “Our organization demands stringent action from the Himachal Pradesh government, the police, and the Honorable Governor against Pranushul Saini in the sexual assault case at Mandi’s Breathing Minds Coaching Institute. Immediate arrest and strict punishment should be ensured to send a stern message against such offenses and provide justice to the victims.”

Brijesh Pathania, State President of SOCIAL Himachal Pradesh, added, “We have requested an impartial investigation into this case to bring out the truth and ensure severe penalties against responsible individuals. We look forward towards appropriate steps in the interest of the affected minor students.” SOCIAL emphasizes the need for a swift response from the authorities to prevent any further harm and to establish accountability for those involved in this heinous crime. The organization remains committed to advocating for justice and safeguarding the rights of the affected students.

Sexual Assault Case On Minor Girls Sparks Outrage In Himachal Pradesh

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