Shemrock Roses School Kachi Ghatti, Shimla held its annual celebration in a spectacular manner. The school’s principal, Preeti Chuttani, warmly welcomed the distinguished guests, including Sanyogita Devi from Bal Ashram Rock Wood and Priyanka Tanwar, the head of the Gram Panchayat, Badhai.

The event showcased a series of remarkable presentations by the school’s students, each highlighting the impact of social media on our lives. The children eloquently shared their insights and observations, shedding light on how digital platforms shape our daily existence. Even the mothers of the students actively participated in the program, sharing their perspectives on the matter.

Principal Preeti Chuttani also presented the annual report on the school’s special activities and accomplishments. The event culminated with the felicitation of all the children, who received awards and recognition for their outstanding contributions.

Shemrock Roses School’s Grand Annual Gala

Shemrock Roses Kachi Ghatti once again demonstrated its commitment to providing a well-rounded education and fostering a community that values both education and awareness. This annual gala celebrated not only the achievements of the school but also the power of knowledge and the impact of social media on our lives. It was a day of learning, reflection, and appreciation.

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