St. Edward’s School Hosts Inter- House Cross Country Meet


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Shimla: St. Edward’s School, Shimla organized an Inter-House Cross Country Meet on Saturday, May 18, 2024, as part of its ongoing commitment to fostering a drug-free environment. This significant event was flagged off by the school Principal, Reverend Father Anil Sequeira, under the theme ‘NAVCHETNA AWARENESS PROGRAMME – SAY NO TO DRUGS.’

The meet saw enthusiastic participation from over 443+ students from all the four houses of the school and staff members, who were divided into five divisions: O, A, B, C, and D. The races for divisions O, A, and B commenced from the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, while divisions C and D began their race from Hotel Cecil.

The participants showcased remarkable athletic spirit as they made their way to the finish line at St. Edward’s School, cheered on by supportive teachers and parents. “St. Edward’s School remains steadfast in its dedication to promoting a drug-free environment and encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle among its students,” said the principal of the school.


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