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January 25, 2022
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Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar Releases the Book — “51 Scintillating Tales” – Media Gallery

A Photographic Recap of the Mega Launch of 51 Scintillating Tales -- Short Stories by Children by Hon'ble Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar and Mr Irshad Kamil, poet and lyricist.   

Excited to See My Name in Print — Sarah Dangwal: 51 Scintillating Tales

Sarah Dangwal (Class VI, Army Public School, Dhaulakuan, New Delhi) A vivacious, happy-go-lucky girl who can spend long hours outdoors. Besides training in kathak, Sarah loves to listen to music while doodling. https://youtu.be/A08X2lyS9lg  

Need for Discipline and Imagination; Warns Against Plagiarism – Priyanka Joshi

https://youtu.be/8MdI7bTHzjc Sonia Dogra Keekli Charitable Trust organized the Fourth Webinar as part of its Short Story Writing Mentorship Programme. The speaker for the evening was Priyanka Joshi, a mental health blogger, published poet,...

Inspiration is Within Us – Neelam Bhatt on Story Writing

Keekli Newspaper held the third Zoom Session for the winners of its Short Story Writing Contest on 17 July, 2021 with writer, editor, poet and translator Neelam Bhatt. Even though technical...

Storyline Dictates the Characters of Your Story — Dr Purnima Chauhan

https://youtu.be/CGkuLHWeKXU Important elements of story writing are of course its theme, plot, characters, and most of all one needs to focus on vocabulary as well as humour while writing. A storylines is...

Building a Character or Devising a Plot: Learn the Art of Story Writing

Sonia Dogra & Vandana Bhagra There is no short-cut to successful writing, nor is there any comprehensive lecture. You can be guided but it is only by writing that you will learn...

There Is No Perfection in Writing, Always Focus On Completing Your Stories – Minakshi...

https://youtu.be/Q5CAnyvyK9Q The first Zoom session for the winners of Keekli Short Story Writing Contest was held today as our mentor for the morning was Minakshi Chaudhary, and what an invigorating session we...

Blogger’s Pen — LOL (Please, Laugh Out Loud) Says Sonia Dogra

Sonia Dogra, an English teacher by profession. She enjoys putting her thoughts on paper and freelances and blogs for various sites. Since teaching has helped her connect with children, she cites...
Keekli Book Club

Read to Remember or to Forget — but Read, Read, Read…     

KEEKLI Bureau, 5th August, 2018, Shimla The much-awaited Keekli Book Club -- first of its kind, an open children's book club for all -- held its first session at North Oak Public...

Break the Glass Ceiling Today

Sonia Dogra My first brush with the idea of prejudice against girls was in class IX. I was part of a school play titled, “Whose Child is This?” that beautifully brought...

A Minute to Read

Sonia Dogra, Freelance Writer, Suratgarh, Rajasthan What can really make young brains tick? Well, I says, it is only the power of the word that can ignite our little dynamites. What can be...