Sonia Dogra

Keekli Charitable Trust organized the Fourth Webinar as part of its Short Story Writing Mentorship Programme. The speaker for the evening was Priyanka Joshi, a mental health blogger, published poet, SHEROES champion, writer, Amazon approved influencer and founder of Sanity Daily.

Joshi enlightened the children on the role of journal writing and writing in general in our mental well-being. She encouraged children to put their thoughts on paper whenever possible.

She further spoke about blogging and how it can be a wonderful way to express oneself and can be turned into a steady source of income over time. Stressing on the need for discipline and imagination, she also warned our winners against plagiarism and how it can is a serious offence when it comes to writing.

She also threw light on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and the role it can play in the early writing years of our young storytellers. She advised the young writers to practice patience and perseverance when it comes to writing.

The winners of Keekli’s Short Story Contest had several questions on their mind and the engrossing session overshot by almost twenty minutes. From deciding on a name for the blog to how to ensure that people read their writing, there was so much to learn from this session.

“Every piece of writing is bound to be judged. We mustn’t allow any sort of judgement to hamper our enthusiasm and should continue to write irrespective of how our writing is received,” Priyanka Joshi closed the session with these encouraging words.



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