Lakshmi Rameshwar Rao, Hyderabad

Busy the bee that found
2 B stressfully working,
No time now,
That would be shirking
Believe they’re willing
Indeed a deed, their only creed
Is really of helping,
Deed to word, and words in deed

It is the Truth they’re seeking.
In continuing quest,
Difficulty striking
Head, hand and heart to head
Their selfless ways
Such their way of what’s easier said.

In and out and in again,
It’s in my being,
Them Darts do dart
To give and accept is a fine art.
Right action for wrong,
A constitutionally Right
To wrest what’s wrong,
In ease, sing along
A full throated, easy song
Truth’s own sight
Gives the mite a mite
Beckons the Beacon’s
Blinding beam of light
Compelling in its mighty might
Brings back to sight that may have been dead

But dead right the bright
Ease The ways of easy rights
Spend a long time
Truthless mirth thy trite, –
Push 2 pushing
A self-made mine

I have a Dream (M. L. King Jr.) 
Dream a dream – Dare to be human

(The writer has a Masters in Adult Education from Jamia Milia Islamia. She has many years teaching experience at the school level as also ten years of experience in book publishing and some published writing in newspapers and more students’ books. Lakshmi has retired and lives in Hyderabad.)


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